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Spanish classes online


Spanish classes online at the location of your choice


Spanish classes online

Spanish classes online


We offer Spanish classes online in your home or office or traveling on the road with you in the comfort of your home country.

We have a team of 16 professional language teachers available for Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or your favorite platform.

We have a flexible scheduling system with 24-hour cancellation notice. An average session is 1 to 2 hours, but some students do training for up to 8 hours in one day, as some teachers also help them online with their private or business affairs and translations.

We have been a language school in the Republic of Panama since December 2001, so we have all the experience that you need to bring you excellent instruction in your new second language.


Spanish classes for our Standard program of 24 modules.:

20 hours “1-1”   $300.00

50 hours “1-1”   $675.00

These are our standard programs, but we do have many other options of customized classes and varying prices.

Some students do start their classes online, but they may continue here at our school on Via Argentina, Panama if they ever do decide to come to Panama.

Spanish level: Let us know how you see your own Spanish skills (or needs) right now. That is, in terms of your ability to speak, listen, read, and write Spanish. And how important each of these skills is to you. Most people who answer this question emphasize the need for conversation (speaking and listening) while there are those who need to work primarily with documents (reading & writing skills).

It is very important to do the Spanish tests as shown on our website prior to your start of classes so that the teachers have a good idea of your Spanish level and needs before you even arrive at Spanish Panama Language School. As soon as you finish the Spanish test give us a heads up by email so that our staff can look at it right away:  Spanish tests

If you are interested in more information about our Spanish classes online contact us right away and we will guide you to our programs:


Spanish classes online and English classes online, by Spanishpanama

Spanish classes online and English classes online, by Spanishpanama


Spanish classes online

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