Private Spanish Classes

Private Spanish Classes means personalized 1 on 1 Spanish classes

Learn Spanish in Central America with a Spanish program of 50-hours of  Spanish 1 to 1 classes for only $840.00.

Study material is included. Some books may be extra. You may decide, depending upon teachers’ recommendations and your personalized learning needs.

This may also be done as a 20-hour package of classes. This would be $450.00. Study material is included.

These prices also include the best Spanish teachers in Panama. And students thoroughly enjoy the complimentary bottomless coffee and tea breaks in the Spanish Panama Language School social-terrace area. The terrace view overlooks the life of the local people right on Via Argentina’s best intersection below Cabeza Einstein. We encourage that your best efforts are made to have as much Spanish conversation as possible with the other teachers and students during your 10 minute break times that you have within each hour of classes.

If you would like student accommodations in our student residence please ask us when you fill out the enrollment form.

Online Spanish Classes: You may also do Spanish classes online as well as in-person at our school at the same price. You will certainly progress a Spanish level with the 50-hour Spanish course with flexible scheduling at Spanish Panama Language School.

One big difference between our school and other Spanish schools in South America and Spain is that most teachers have far more than 10 years of Spanish teaching experience, and university degrees, in order to enrich your Spanish learning “1 on 1” experience. Spanish classrooms have A/C, wireless, modern, with the social terrace with complimentary café & tea. Spanish Panama Language School is located in Panama’s best international restaurant and hotel district of El Cangrejo.

1 to 1 Spanish Courses in Panama City, Panama have very private & very personalized Spanish classes. It’s well-organized with good administration, and a 24-hour cancellation policy. We match you with the best quality teachers that fit your own Spanish learning needs and goals in Panama.

You will learn Spanish with confidence.

Private Spanish Classes, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Spanish Panama Language School offers a great one-to-one Spanish program – 50 hours of ONE-ON-ONE for beginner, intermediate, or advanced Spanish levels. These private customized Spanish classes can be held when and where you want in Panama City, for the time period you like, e.g. 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, etc. This is a great way to learn Spanish at your own rhythm, according to your busy schedule.

If you have to travel on business or just touring for a few days or a week or even a few months you will not lose your Private Spanish Classes. In this Spanish course there is a 2 hour minimum number of hours that can be taken at any time. Upon the start of your first Spanish class in this 50 hour program you have up to one year to use your classes before it expires.

It’s so convenient to have your Private Spanish Classes at your office, hotel, or home in Panama City, Panama. There is an extra cost for this. Lisa and Robert (photo on the right) say, “Our teacher is absolutely fantastic!”

You may call us.  Telephone: (+507) 213-3121 WhatsApp +507 66243302  Email:

Or just drop by the school on Via Argentina in El Cangrejo Monday to Friday. We do have Spanish courses at night but it’s best to arrive before 4:30pm on weekdays for registration.

If you happen to be staying at one of Panama’s best hotels it is very likely that we are only a few minutes walk away from you so just ask your hotel receptionist to point the way. We are very close to Hotel SABA, Grand International, Novatel, Hotel Principe, Torres de Alba, Hotel Las Vegas, Milan or Parador hotels, Hotel Panama, Marriot, and so many more!

Private Spanish Classes Panama City, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Private Spanish Classes can be taken as “2-1” or “1-1” in your Panama City office or home at an extra cost

Private Spanish Classes

Note: It is only this 50-HOUR Super Flex “1 to 1” Spanish program that you may change your schedule or cancel a class with a minimum 24-hour notice without being charged. In order not to be charged for a class you must email us, as well as phone our office, or leave a WhatsApp message +507 65902007.

Come in for your private Spanish evaluation before you begin. Or you can also do the Spanish test online from the “Spanish Tests” link above. And then contact us for payment options and Spanish level placement.

As well as being the major hotel and casino zone in Panama City, this is also the best neighborhood in Panama, so you may want to arrive early or stay later and visit the neighborhood’s numerous coffee shops, restaurants, theatres, cines, pubs, parks, nightlife, etc.

Complimentary bottomless-coffee or tea is available at the Spanish Panama Language School social terrace area over-looking Panama’s street-life on Via Argentina.

This is a great place to meet other expats learning Spanish like yourself, and even make good social and essential business and real estate contacts while in Panama.

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Learn Spanish in Panama City and increase your chances for financial as well as cultural integration.

Please register using our Enrollment Form
WhatApp +507 66243302
Telephone: +507 213-3121
Or drop into Spanish Panama Language School, Via Argentina, El Cangrejo. Building PH AMERICANA Intercom: 1A

If you have a free weekend while doing your Private Spanish Classes program you may want to try the:


Gatun lake jungle land Panama tour.     

This includes meals and a one night staty on a house boat for approximately $240.00.   


You may also ask us about hotel and apart hotel accommodations options that we may have in Panama City.

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