Panama’s Best Street

Via Argentina is the best street in Panama City


Expats in Panama and locals have always seen Via Argentina as the best street in Panama, bar none!

Via Argentina is only 5 blocks long, but when visiting Panama, tourists and those planning to retire or do business in Panama, want to hang out here for its friendly European-like Bohemian atmosphere. Yet, Vía Argentina is modern and has all the conveniences you need for your stay in Panama. It has been newly renovated with nice colorful tiled-sidewalks, making it fashionable as well as completely wheelchair friendly.

At one end of the avenue is the impeccably clean, safe and organized Metro Subway station that will take you across the city for just 35 cents. From there you can go to Central America’s biggest mall and bus terminal and closeby the local airport. For all 3 of them just remember the word “Albrook”; Albrook Mall & Albrook bus terminal & Albrook Airport.

Buses and cheap taxis can be found near the entrance to the Vía Argentina Metro station. A 35 cent ride can also take you to the posh Multiplaza.

You may connect to Panama’s second Metro line for just 50 cents extra and that will soon take you to the PTY Airport.

At the other end of Vía Argentina you will enter the University of Panama, starting with the Panama’s public law school.

Each building along this pleasant walk on Via Argentina has cafés, restaurants, tattoo shops, grocery stores called “Chinos”, pharmacies, low-cost dental clinics, hair salons, the General Bank (Banco General), hotels, some high rise residential buildings with Air BnB possibilities, and karaokes as well as neighborhood pubs & pool bars. Half way along Vía Argentina you will find the neighborhood park of Parque Andrés Bello and Cabeza Einstein (Albert Einstein head statue). There is even room for a car wash and a large wine store. The early day and night street life is interesting and fun! There are dog walkers and joggers and the best people watching in Panama.

Cabeza Einstein plaza. Photo taken from Spanish Panama Language School, Via Argentina.

Best fruit & veggies, across the road from Spanish Panama Language School, Via Argentina.

Neighborhood medical clinic, 1 block from Spanish Panama Language School, Via Argentina, recommended by the school.

Spanish Panama is only seconds walk away from the 3 hotels on Vía Argentina and all have been used by Spanish students in the past; Ramada Hotel, Saba Hotel, and Grand International Hotel.

All the teachers & staff of Spanish Panama have long considered Vía Argentina their Spanish students’ very own living language lab. Learn grammar, writing, speaking, & listening in your classes, and our teachers will encourage you to practice your speaking skills talking with friendly locals anywhere up and down the most pleasant street in Panama, day and night.

For early morning joggers, early evening dog-walkers, and those looking for night-life, to business meetings and friendly chats at the local restaurants, Vía Argentina is the best place in Panama City.

Spanish Panama Language School, Via Argentina. Photo taken from Einstein Plaza, Cabeza Einstein, near Rana Dorada.

Spanish Panama Language School is perfect for observing Panamanian life. Everyone who walks along Vía Argentina sees our 10 meter wide sign on the second floor over the main intersection, just below Albert Einstein’s head statue; “Cabeza Einstein”.

You can see the best street life in Panama right from the large windows of your Spanish Panama classes and also from the school’s “Social Area” balcony terrace over-looking the heart of Vía Argentina.

Some recommended Vía Argentina businesses by Spanish students and staff of the language school are Trapiche Restaurant, the local park of Andrés Bello, Frutería Mimi (best fruit & veggies), Rana Dorada & Malgueña & Mandingos (local pubs), Café Venezuela & Manolos Café, Farmacía Arrocha & Metro Pharmacies, Clinica Einstein (medical clinic), Banco General (bank), Restaurante Del Prado (24-7), Ramada, Grand International, and Saba hotels, Power Club gym (yoga & dance), Mentiritas Blancas café, & Casa de la Carne (groceries). For a pharmacy, Farma Value down from Del Prado is recommended for low cost medicines.