20-Years School Reviews


Spanish Panama Language School has close to 20 years of rave reviews from students as you can see on such web sites as Google Reviews, Facebook, Trip Advisor, numerous language school review sites, from word of mouth, and on very own Guest books.

In our first year as a Spanish school in Panama (2001) most of our clients came to us just from word of mouth and that is the best indicator of growing success; That our Spanish students were recommending us to their friends as the place to learn Spanish. We are very well known in Panama City by expats and locals alike.

There is one thing guaranteed with this excellent track record; Spanish Panama Language School has consistency in selecting high quality teachers, such as the ones that you are soon to experience.

Clients trust us because of a long history of quality testimonials.

Cat R

My Spanish Improved So Much in Just 2 Weeks!
Dec 2022
Just finished two amazing weeks at Spanish Panama! I have been studying Spanish on and off for years, and this is the most progress I’ve made, ever! I was placed in an intermediate-level class with two other chicas about my age, and it was great. My two teachers were Liliana and Danae, and they were the BEST Spanish teachers I’ve ever had. I learned so much from them! I loved getting to school a few minutes early every morning to drink (free) coffee and chat (mostly in Spanish) with the other students. Definitely recommend this school if you want to learn Spanish, no matter what level you’re at!


Riaan G

Dec 2022
Thank you, ‘Nelita’ for being willing to spend two weeks chatting with me every day!
I got exactly what I asked for – practice, conversation, listening, pronunciation. I had a great time and learning about local customs, history, culture etc. made it an even more rewarding experience. I will be back again in 2024. Muchisimas gracias. Riaan



Spanish Panama Zoom
Dec 2022
I have been taking Zoom classes with professor Maria for three months. She is entertaining and I have learned a lot from her. Not only Spanish, but Latin American and Panamanian culture. Outstanding!



Spanish Panama es fantástico
Jun 2022 • Solo
I have been taking classes with Spanish Panama on Zoom for a couple of months now while I am based in So Cal. I am so happy I found this program!! My teacher,  Maria Pilar has been great and patient with me :). I plan to go to the school in Panama City in the next month or two so I can be immersed. This has been a really wonderful program!!


Kathi K

Fantastic Spanish Language School
A fabulous language school! They offer flexible in-person individual and group lessons. Their language teachers are highly qualified and passionate. All of the school’s staff members are welcoming. As a teacher by profession myself, I recognize quality when I see it! I will definitely return to this school to continue my Spanish language learning journey!


Leighton J

Completely confident with my spanish and speaking to locals now!
Incredible school.
Have been doing online classes, and feel more than ready to move to Panama and embrace AND understand the culture and language.
Teacher Maria has been a pleasure to work, captivating and motivating, and I have learned a lot.
Verb conjugation were my main struggling point, and I feel more confident than ever now. Fun techniques, never feels boring, always a different way of being immersed.


Ashley M

Great Experience!
I had a wonderful experience at Spanish Panama. Profesor Danae was extremely patient and made me feel comfortable speaking Spanish. Everything was very professional and the staff was inviting and friendly.

Derrick November 2021
Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Great school. An excellent school to learn, motivate and educate. I like this school! “Clases con maestros inteligentes”. The Best School to Learn Spanish and help you to adapt to Panama.
So come to Panama, make friends, and speak Spanish ASAP.


Pure Love Nov 2021
Their toucan logo says, ‘The #1 rated language programs in the Americas’ and after being a student and learning Spanish there for 3 months, I believe that they’re right.


Benjamin Riddle 2021
The teachers are wonderful, especially Giselle! She has given me some great tools for learning the language, and she has also become a great friend in the process.
Joseph is great and very attentive to his staff and students… love this school!


J. Miller 2021
Teachers love teaching and are encouraging even when correcting mistakes. They create a positive learning experience. Everyone was helpful, giving tips about the culture, restaurants, and places to visit. I highly recommend this school. Good area of the city, too.


Everol Sedacy August 2021
The owner is amazing


Best place to learn Spanish and meet nice people!
Oct 2021
We just went there for a one-week Spanish course, and it was totally worth it. We learned much about the language and Latin American culture. They prepared us well for our further travels in Latinamerica! Thanks a lot!!


Learn Spanish in Panama quicker than ever.
July 2021
Learn Spanish fast! This school was even better than I expected. They use different techniques to teach Spanish. Their lessons are full of fun activities, and you get to see the beauty of the language. It’s also located in a safe neighborhood and the teachers and students are friendly. Highly recommend.


Impressed by teachers JANET Written March 29, 2021
Covid restrictions closed schools, so I add private lessons. Was impressed with the quality of the teachers. Joseph, the owner, gave me a tour of the school. Large windows give a feeling of openness. It’s located on via Argentina, an easy walk to restaurants and other stores. Highly recommended. I am returning in May 2021 to continue my studies at this school.


Stephen Wright
I love this school and all its teachers!
I can’t say enough good things about the warmth and quality of its teachers and school!

I spent a week in Panama and immersed myself in 4 hours a day of Spanish lessons.

Since the Covid lockdown I have been having 3 x 1-hour lessons per week and I really look forward to my lessons every week during this time!

Highly recommended the school, its teachers.

Take advantage of this time and book some one-on-one online lessons!!👍👍


Lawson 2020
I had a great experience at Spanish Panama. During the sign-up and scheduling process, they were always very clear and responsive, and it was easy to get things organized. I had a special request on how to schedule the 1:1 sessions, and they were very helpful in enabling that. The payment process was also clear and straightforward. Once there, I found the staff to be very welcoming. I was in a small group in the mornings that was either 4 or 5 people. The professors were outstanding – experienced and able to teach well in a group composed of people with different native languages. The tone of the small groups was very focused and serious, but with time for fun and to build camaraderie. I found the sessions went by very quickly, as I and the other students were so engaged. The focus was primarily on conversation, but the professors worked in grammar lessons in a very natural way. My 1:1 sessions in the afternoon were also very rewarding. My professor for those who did not speak English, which really made me work harder (a positive) to communicate only in Spanish. The two of us worked out a program on the first day that was half grammar topics and half literature (reading classic Spanish short stories and discussing them during the class). I really enjoyed the afternoon sessions, and it was a great complement to the small group in the morning. There were opportunities to arrange special trips with the driver the school works with, and several students I spoke with had very good experiences with those. The students seemed to be very serious and committed, but they were a very friendly and warm group. I would happily return to Spanish


Gaetane Van Goethem
Best Spanish school in Panama City. My professor prepared personal tailor-made classes. I went two times a week for 8 months in a row and was able to pass my DELE exam at the end. First, we started with vocabulary and grammar but moved soon to texts and books. Wonderful teacher with the kindest heart. Super environment and flexible schedule. Would recommend it to everyone!


Peter Rizzo
Excellent teachers and staff. The place is convenient, and they were very flexible with the time. I was traveling and had business, so could not have a set schedule, and they worked with me. In addition, They provided a translation service for one of my meetings. I will definitely recommend and resume my class when I come back to Panama

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Michelle (Nov 2018)

A relaxing and welcoming school to learn Spanish!

My husband and I are in Panama for 4 months and our Spanish is very basic. We did some research and found that The Spanish Panama School would meet our needs for price and time. Victoria was our patient and enthusiastic instructor. The moment you walk in the door, she encourages you to speak Spanish. She walked us through the basics, but she didn’t bog us down with grammar until we were ready and grammar rules were essential. Personal classes are geared towards travelers. We reviewed the Panamanian map to help with the pronunciation of the provinces, cities, and towns.

We signed up for 2-hour blocks of instruction, so we had no brain overload. We would practice at night ourselves and with others. Panamanians are patient!

Joseph, the owner, is a unique character and has many unique travel stories to share. He is a Canadian fellow!

We will definitely be back for additional classes when we get back to town. I recommend SpanishPanama school!

Lewis C (Oct 2018)

Do not look any further! This is the Spanish school to go to Panama!

Look no further, this is the Spanish school you want to go to! I cannot say enough about this school. This is my second time in the city attending a Spanish course for two weeks. I wasn’t too happy with the last school I attended so I decided to try another on this trip. My teacher was amazing; all the Spanish Panama staff were! I felt like I learned a lot more in two hours a day than in my previous course where I went 4 hours a day. The school is very comfortable with spacious and comfortable rooms. They have endless coffee and water which made me very happy. The location is perfect as there are many restaurants / long term accommodations within walking distance of the school. I will be back in town again in a few months and I plan to re-enroll in school for a week or so. I hope you have as much fun learning in Spanish Panama as I did!

Maria J (Sep 2018)

Efficient courses

They make you feel at home, the teachers and administrative staff are very friendly, helpful and efficient.

David S (Sep 2018)

Great Spanish school!

This is a great place to study the language. I only stayed for a week of my vacation, but it gave me an excellent framework on how to study ahead of time in the future to make the most of individual lectures.

For the casual traveler, this place also offers an ideal base for exploring the country and a base camp, so to speak. I also saw a lot of serious people there who stayed for weeks and seemed to make rapid progress.

A very friendly and open place.

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23, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

24, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Nate (Apr 2018)

An excellent experience.

I have just completed more than 50 hours of Spanish classes one on one, with this exceptional school and it seemed like a great experience not only to learn Spanish but also to get to know Panama better, thank you, Carmen, Joseph, and Lupita for meeting you in the last months.

Philes (Jan 2018)

Perfect place to learn Spanish!

Carmen and José have a fabulous school. They have access to many excellent teachers, which is helpful for hearing different accents and with different teaching styles. They are extremely flexible and can respond to new students and changed schedules immediately. The prices are quite reasonable. The school is also conveniently located on Via Argentina in the El Cangrejo neighborhood. My husband and I met one afternoon and consulted with them the next day to discuss a program. We wanted to start immediately because I only had 10 days and one of those days would be a holiday. We also wanted 50 hours of private lessons. It was no problem for Carmen and José. We organized four-hour classes, including Saturdays, and started the next day. The combination of conversation, reading, and writing exercises were very helpful to us and we felt so much better and had a greater understanding and ease with the areas that he is working on. They also offer social opportunities like outings and meetings for further improvements. We recommend Spanish Panama.

Neil W. (Jan 2018)

Spanish Panama – Excellent Experience

I studied Spanish at SpanishPanama school. Before my arrival, I had practically no training in Spanish. For that reason, I chose the intensive one-to-one option. My assigned instructors were two highly motivated taskmasters who made my learning experience enjoyably and challenging. The lessons were well planned and coordinated between the two instructors. The quality of the training was reflected well by my instructors, but also by the administrative and leadership staff at SpanishPanama. I found the school to be well organized and the facilities excellent. The SpanishPanama school staff worked not only to teach me Spanish. Through the efforts of the school staff, I became acquainted with local businesses and some business owners. I learned a lot about Panamanian culture, economy, and traditions. My experience in SpanishPanama was more than a language immersion experience; it was also a cultural immersion experience. Thank you SpanishPanama for making my time in Panama joyful.

Dahl M (Jan 2018)

First time in a Spanish school, a very good experience.

After taking a couple of Spanish courses at the university, I thought about trying a Spanish learning experience outside the country, we had already been to Panama before and I liked it, so I thought I would try the Spanish School of Panama. I did my first week in a group of 4 hours/day, and the second week 3 hours/day of private, both were very good experiences, personally, I prefer private classes since, obviously, compared to a group I did much more talking and interact with the teacher. During the two weeks, I had 3 different instructors, they were all excellent! My wife was a complete beginner, and she did 2 hours/day of private lessons and she really enjoyed it. We would both definitely recommend this school. In the area around the school, there is a good selection of restaurants and hotels. We found Panama very reasonable in terms of hotel and food prices. To sum up. . . a great place to learn Spanish!

L’Tia J (Aug 2018)


“Before studying in Spanish Panama, I had very little experience with the Spanish language. The faculty customized a language learning plan specifically tailored to my goal of being conversational. Through conversational activities (little or no English allowed), grammar lessons, and practical exercises to complete both inside and outside the classroom, I am better able to understand and describe events and experiences. I can also briefly communicate reasons and explanations for my opinions. I have reached an intermediate level of conversational fluency that interacts regularly with possible native speakers.

In addition to having dynamic instructors, the administration is friendly,

professional, flexible, and extremely responsive. The school also offers a

wonderful city tour and has a partnership with a local dance company that

offers salsa courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced. My experience in Spanish Panama has been AMAZING! “

– – L. Tia Blount

Jim R (Dec 2017)

Great time at SpanishPanama.com

Hi, I am an intermediate student of Spanish and this school has been the best. I have studied Spanish in the USA, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica. Its location on Via Argentina in El Congrejo is the hippest and most foreign-friendly place in Panama City. It has air-conditioned rooms, coffee, a balcony, and very friendly teachers and staff, and many resources on hand to study. If you take several hours of study per day you will have different teachers to learn from and converse with. My opinion is that different teaching styles enhance the learning experience.

John P. (Sep 2017)

Spanish Panama is the best!

I preface my comments to you with the fact that I hardly ever write comments. .

I have just finished 3 weeks of intensive study with Panamanian Spanish. I hadn’t studied any Spanish since high school (which was 40 years ago for me) until a couple of years ago. Before Spanish Panama I attended two other schools in two other countries.

Attending Panama Spanish was hands down the best learning experience I have had to date. I was exposed to four different instructors. They were very professional and I had a genuine desire to help along the way. I cannot say enough about these instructors. They were incredible!

The owners Jose and Carmen were very attentive and helpful (and available when I had questions). A quality show that they take here!

The school is located in the El Cangrejo neighborhood in Panama City. It is a very lively area, with restaurants, outdoor bars and friendly people. The metro stop is only a few blocks away.

I highly recommend Spanish Panama!

J. David (Sep 2017)

Spanish Panama and avoid the OTHER Spanish Schools This was my second time studying Spanish at this school. I returned here after trying Habla Ya in Panama City. Let me save you time and disappointment !!! Avoid the other Spanish Schools and register for classes at Spanish Panama. You will find that the quality of the teaching staff is far better at Spanish Panama. In terms of facilities, the size of classrooms and the other amenities of the schools – there is NO comparison. Spanish Panama is far better.

Alice R (Aug 2017)

The best Spanish school!

I really like the atmosphere, the teachers are professionals and it is also very attractive! Choose them and you will be satisfied.


Anastasia Y (Jun 2017)

Great Spanish School in Panama City.

I have selected Spanish Panama to take the 1-month Intensive Spanish class. I went through the language test and the next day I was able to start the course. The teachers are great, they are using different books and resources with you to tailor the program to your needs and learning style.

Family environment – at school. And also a great location – there is a metro and bus station not far from the school, it is very easy to get to by public transport.

Trek (jun de 2017)

Great school, the amazing atmosphere here!

Polecam każdemu komu zależy na efektywnym uczeniu się języka.

Zaczęłam swoją przygodę z Spanish Panama w grudniu, wtedy nie znałam tego języka kompletnie. Po 4 miesiącach nauki w tej szkole potrafię się posługiwać językiem, zarówno w czasach teraźniejszych, przeszłych jak i łączonych. Jestem bardzo zadowolona z siebie, nie sądziłam ze nauka hiszpańskiego będzie tak przyjemna.

Atmosfera w tej szkole jest super, wszyscy nauczyciele są bardzo przyjaźni ale również profesjonalni! Polecam każdemu z całego serca!

Great school, the amazing atmosphere here!

I recommend it to anyone who cares about learning the language effectively.

I started my adventure with Spanish Panama in December, then I didn’t know the language completely. After 4 months of study at this school, I can use the language, both in the present, past, and combined times. I am very pleased with myself, I did not think learning Spanish would be so enjoyable.

The atmosphere in this school is great, all teachers are very friendly but also professional! I recommend it to everyone with all my heart!

Larry D (Mar 2017)

Learn Spanish with great teachers

Well run in Panama City, El Cangrejo there is a school called Spanish Panama, close to a lot of restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos. The teachers were fantastic and the administrators really care about the students. Compared to other Spanish language schools I have attended in Costa Rica and Spain, this has been the best.

Nicolien (Feb 2017)

“Great school with great vibes!”

I went to this school for both professional and informal Spanish classes. The school works together with many companies (mine is Heineken). Teachers are very good and professional. My mom also went to this school when she visited and enjoyed her classes by Jaime very much. Besides this, the location is perfect- close to good coffee and food! Highly recommended!

Clienie (Feb 2017)

Great school with great vibes!

I went to school for both professional and informal Spanish classes. The school works with many companies (mine is from Heineken). The teachers are very good and professional. My mother also went to the school when we visited and enjoyed her classes by Jaime. Besides this, the location is perfect, close to good coffee and food! Highly recommended!

Deco (Jan 2017)

Great School

It took me a 50-hour course and it really helped me develop my Spanish as I was already at an intermediate level. My teacher was very patient and Brigida professional during the course. The school itself is in a great location on Via Argentina and is easily accessible. I recommend this school to my friends and colleagues, or really anyone who wants is to get a grip on Spanish.

Paul (Nov 2016)

I have only been attending for about 5 weeks and looking back to when I started I have learned so much. My teacher, Gaby has been wonderful and extremely helpful in adjusting our lessons to my experiences in Panama. Of course, I still have a lot to learn but I am excited with my choice of Spanish Panama to help me!

“Great School”

I took a 50 hour course here and it really helped me to develop my Spanish as I had an intermediate level already. My teacher Brigida was extremely patient and professional throughtout the course.

The school itself is in a great location on Via Argentina and is easy access. I would recommend this school to my friends and collegues or anyone really who wishes is get a grip of Spanish.

December 2016

Montz (Dec 2016)

Great school, teachers, and a great experience!

I took Spanish in high school, but that was a long time ago I had practically forgotten everything that I learned. As a kids student, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how much I was earning from the classes. Any apprehensions were quickly erased by Joseph, Carmen, and the staff. They have various types of courses from beginner to advanced, but what I really liked was the flexibility. I opted for the private 1 – 2 – 1 session.

I have only been attending for about 5 weeks and looking to go back to when I started I have learned a lot. My teacher, Gaby, has been wonderful and very helpful in adjusting our classes to my experiences in Panama. Of course, we still have a lot to learn, but I am excited about my choice of Spanish Panama to help!

Pacaya123 (Oct 2016)

Great lessons

We were only in Panama City for 5 days and Spanish Panama was very flexible and accommodating of our schedule. Private lessons with Danae were fantastic and very affordable and set us up well for a few months of travel in Spanish-speaking countries. Carmen at the front desk was lovely and professional.

HaleyPaige (Jul 2016)

Do you want to learn Spanish? Spanish Panama is the place for you!

After arriving in Panama, it was evident that I had to work on my Spanish speaking skills. After visiting several Spanish schools, I choose Spanish Panama because they were extremely attentive and willing to work with my schedule. I signed up for private classes and started taking classes for three hours a week at two per lesson. It was a great structure and after only several lessons I could tell that my Spanish classes were paying off. My teacher was extremely nice and helpful, along with the office administration staff. I highly recommend Spanish Panama. They are attentive, knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to help.

Sarah-Ayse (mar de 2016)

Die Beste Spanisch-Schule in ganz Panama

Ich bin meine 2. Woche in “SpanishPanama” und könnte nicht glücklicher sein. Die Atmosphäre hier ist so positiv und die gute Laune vom Management über die Lehrer bis hin zu den Schülern ist einfach zum Anstecken.

Die Vorschritte, die ich in 7 Tagen hier gemacht habe sind einfach unglaublich.

Egal wie euer Spanisch Level ist, ob ihr nur eine Woche Basisspanisch lernen wollt, um euch auf der Straße verständlich zu machen oder für einen Job oder/und hier zu leben euer Spanisch perfektionieren wollt, “SpanishPanama” hat für jeden das Richtige und ich kann es nur empfehlen!!

The best Spanish school in all of Panama

I’m in my 2nd week in “SpanishPanama” and couldn’t be happier. The atmosphere here is so positive and the good mood from the management to the teachers to the students is simply infectious.

The progress I’ve made here in 7 days is just amazing.

Regardless of your Spanish level, whether you just want to learn basic Spanish for a week to make yourself understood on the street or to perfect your Spanish for a job and/or to live here, “SpanishPanama” has the right thing for everyone and I can Recommend it!!

Zachery N (Jun 2016)

Great atmosphere

So far I have spent three weeks in Spanish Panama, I have been very satisfied with the commitment of the staff, I have learned a lot in a very short period of time. In addition, the school offers a great social environment.

Souad F (May 2016)

Great school, teachers, administrators, location, and more …

He recently became very interested in the Spanish language, having a little exposure from when he was young. I thought that the best way to learn was to immerse myself and take an intensive program in a Spanish country. I decided on Panama as I have heard many good things about this Central American country. After doing my extensive research, I decided on Spanish Panama School. It was the best decision I could have made. After 4 weeks of the intensive program, my Spanish language improved considerably. Now, I feel very comfortable communicating in Spanish, as well as native Spanish writing and comprehension. All of the teachers I had were very knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated, engaging, and enthusiastic. Even the other teachers I meet at school had friendly attitudes. They took time to communicate with me in Spanish and correct me at the social gatherings during our getaways and lunchtime. I also really enjoyed it and learned a lot during our general class discussion with students every Friday morning. We had very interesting discussions and learning activities with students from other countries. The school is located in one of the most pleasant neighborhoods, close to many restaurants, bars, hotels, convenience stores, parks, and the metro station.

I would like to thank everyone from the school especially the principal Joseph, and the administrator of Carmen. I recommend this school to anyone interested in learning Spanish quickly and efficiently.

Souad, Canada

Sallydoolally (May 2016)

Excellent school to learn Spanish

I spent a week in March 2016 Spanish Panama. I landed unannounced for four days and had 1-2-1 enrollment with fantastic teachers – Gaby, Urbana, and Gisele. I would have loved to stay longer, but as I had to spend four weeks in Panama on my own, it was important to me to have a school that also provided some social life. If that’s not a factor, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this school.

Amos L (Apr 2016)

Committed, friendly, interesting and teachers

4 weeks of 1 on 1 Spanish classes, in Spanish Panama. My teachers Jaime and Brigida were full of energy and I had wonderful instructions every day. Great place, well run, full of nice people and it is sure to improve your Spanish!

Susan H (Apr 2016) Panama City, Panama

Amazing Spanish school.

The first day I arrived in Panama I saw this great title of learning Spanish, so I went in and spoke with the director, who is very nice and patient. After the conversation, he took the class for me and was very helpful. I have learned a little bit of grammar when I was in China, after taking the class for a week here, my Spanish improved a lot. I really recommend this school if you are thinking of taking Spanish classes, the teachers are very nice. 如果 你 是 中国 人 强烈 推荐 这个 学校 哦 , 想 学 西 语 , :). If you are Chinese, I highly recommend this school, I want to learn Spanish, :).

Danelle D (Apr 2016)

Best Spanish School in Panama !!!

When I came to Panama 9 months ago, I didn’t even know how to say hello! Shopping with Spanish Panama not only do I speak a lot of Spanish, but I can also write and understand a lot more now.

Thanks to the teachers and the friendly and fantastic staff in Spanish Panama I am able to communicate with whom I want in Spanish now. The classes are a lot of fun and I am never bored learning.

I have been Spanish with Panama for 8 months and will continue with this amazing school and every moment is enjoyed I recommend anyone who wants to have the best Spanish learning experience to come see it! You will love it !! 10 of 10

J.R. (Mar 2016)

Well organized and helpful program !!

I was in Panama for a week and we wanted to do some concentrated Spanish classes (I am at the beginner to intermediate level) before going through the Canal and we headed home. Joseph and Carmen and staff have a very well organized program. I was concerned that four hours a day would be too long, but it was perfect for me. The teachers were excellent instructors and helped me focus on my language weaknesses. I especially liked the way the staff was very helpful prior to my arrival, helping me find a nearby hotel, and arranging transportation from the airport. Overall, it was a very positive experience and one that I would like to repeat on a future visit.

Tammy(Mar 2016)

I love it

I was with SpanishPanama for their two weeks of language immersion. I had a couple of years of Spanish class in high school but I was just a beginner as I haven’t had a chance to use the language since. From the moment you meet SpanishPanama makes you feel like family. The teachers and administration were very easy to work with and flexible in allowing me to learn at the pace that was most suitable for me. My language skills will definitely go a long way during the two weeks. The teachers were friendly, efficient, and always ready to answer questions about the topics that came up while I was visiting Panama. The payment process was simple, transparent, and management took the time to explain things clearly. I was not able to experience any of the extracurricular outings on this trip but will definitely make time on my next visit (I’ve always wanted to go out salsa dancing and learn some Panama history). I had a great experience and we are looking forward to many more SpanishPanama classes. See you this summer!

Johnny (Mar 2016)


I highly recommend this language school. They made me feel like part of the family and were very flexible in meeting my needs. Although I do not have a basis to compare this school to others, it made me observe many important qualities in SpanishPanama.

Excellent location -El Cangrejo Vía Argentina in Panama City’s El Cangrejo is a residential neighborhood and close to shops, restaurants, bars and the subway.

Great management and staff – I can’t say enough about their commitment to making my time at the school a worthwhile and positive experience.

Flexible and effective teaching method. We left the classroom with our instructors, took the metro, and visited different parts of Panama City.

So if what you are looking for is an excellent language school that can provide a quality experience, look no further.

Thanks, Joseph and the rest of the SpanishPanama family makes their,

Juan Miguel from Boston

Liam F (Mar 2016)

Very funny!

I visited Panama for a week and we wanted to learn some basic things for communication during my trip. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I plan to return on my next trip to Panama! 10 out of 10.

Geraldine S (Mar 2016)

Wonderful experience

I’ve just finished a 3 week course at the Spanish Panama school, and it was truly a delightful experience. He took the package, and from the first day of being picked up by Mike at the airport to the very well informed tour and the salsa classes, it was all such good fun. l immediately felt at home at the school, there’s a very friendly, calm atmosphere.

The teachers are excellent. He was lucky enough to have Brigida who is a very experienced teacher who even made learning grammar a pleasurable experience. Giselle managed to keep our Spanish conversations going, correcting all my mistakes, without stopping the flow, very clever.

l liked the fact that the teachers adapt to exactly what you need and you can feel comfortable learning the language in a way that is perfect for you.

Joseph and Carmen are always on hand to help and advice, and make sure your learning experience is a happy one.

He would highly reccomend the school, a big thank you to everyone,

‘ Bye ‘ : )


Odile V (Feb 2016)

School with excellent and very nice teachers!

I have been coming to this school for a year and a half and I hope to continue until my Spanish is ready.

The teachers have a very excellent level. Classes are varied and deal with different topics.

A course can comprise one hour of conversation and one hour of exercise. So I learn a lot about the life of Panama and its inhabitants, places to visit, or multiple tips to make the best choices for restaurants or shops.

I strongly advise Spanish Panama, which gives me complete satisfaction.

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74, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

75, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Ken W (Feb 2016)

I went back a second time, excellent value for money, instruction, staff, location, and assistance

Would I go back for the third time? Do not hesitate! Initially, I had planned to go to another school, but after my first experience, I decided why to go anywhere else when the quality is excellent, the value for money is very good, it is located in the heart of the city and in The heart of Latin America, the staff is excellent and very knowledgeable and many have advanced degrees, years of teaching experience, and come from many Latin American countries. All the staff is friendly and helpful. If circumstances permit, I will return. I hope it’s soon.

Bob Katt (Feb 2016)

Very good teachers, students, a great learning environment

I took a field in which he adapted to my needs, as well as another student. My teachers were great! They were always happy and helpful, like all the other teachers in the school. It was fun going to school every day. All conjugations demanded the verb, like any language. The only thing that could have helped me more was to use the verb conjugations in sentences. For me, this helps to remember the verb. I know this would have diminished done the class, but I think it would have been more beneficial in the long run. The other student and I practiced this technique privately and found many phrases that we had doubts about. It was brought to the teacher’s attention the next class day and has been corrected immediately. I recommend practicing each new verb that is learned in class in sentences and taking them to school the next day. Make sure you are using it correctly. For example, it could be conjugated correctly in class, but when we practiced in sentences, the next day they were not using it correctly. Both of our teachers, Jaime and Gisell were very patient and friendly! Overall, I highly recommend this school and have plans to return once I have mastered what they taught me.

Julia B (Feb 2016)

Genau der richtige Ort zum Spanisch lernen

Hier lernt man richtig und hat viel Spass. super Lehrer, die sich auch themenmässig sehr gern anpassen, aber auch sehr viel über Panama berichten, was super spannend ist. die schule liegt in einer super Gegend. super Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis! und viel Humor & Herzlichkeit: habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt in der Schule.

auch die Konversationsrunde sind sehr empfehlenswert, dachte ich erst nicht, aber die haben mich richtig weiter gebracht. der einzige Kritikpunkt: wir haben etwas wenig geschrieben. aber das kann man vielleicht auch besser steuern. homestay würde ich persönlich als totaler Anfänger nicht mehr machen. das war manchmal einfach zu anstrengend, wenn man gar nichts oder so wenig versteht.

Just the right place to learn Spanish

Here you learn properly and have a lot of fun. Great teachers, who also like to adapt to the topic, but also report a lot about Panama, which is super exciting. the school is in a great area. great price-performance ratio! and lots of humor and warmth: I felt very comfortable at school.

The conversation sessions are also highly recommended, I didn’t think at first, but they really got me going. the only point of criticism: we wrote a little. but maybe that can be managed better. As a total beginner, I wouldn’t do homestay anymore. sometimes it was just too exhausting when you didn’t understand anything or very little.

Jon B (Jan 2016)

Terrific investment – I learned so much in only two weeks!

Going in I had little knowledge of Spanish, as I did not have any classes throughout my schooling and my only experience came from maybe 20-30 hours using the DuoLingo app. I had a two-week break and decided to see how much I could progress with some intensive 1 on 1 class (30 hours/week or 60 hours total). Outside of class, I studied for probably 2 hours a day and I also was staying in a hostel and made friends that spoke no English, so I had around an extra one to two hours a day of conversational practice. The teachers were exceptional: Brigida has complete mastery of the language and is an expert with grammar, and Salvador did a great job of helping to practice and improve the grammar in conversation as I requested. In that regard, all the teachers I had were extremely flexible and willing to tailor the program with me to accomplish my goals. With the immersive atmosphere and focused learning, I managed to cover all of the verb tenses and I believe most of the grammatical rules. Now I had not fully internalized all those rules yet, but I had learned them and was beginning to do so the more I was speaking and applying them. I was told by my teachers that I had progressed to about an intermediate level, and while I speak slowly and need to think as I construct sentences and conjugate verbs, I understand that that comes with time and I am thrilled with how much ground I covered. As a medical student that intends to practice in a major city, speaking Spanish will be hugely beneficial to serve Hispanic patients that do not speak English and this program was an excellent way to kickstart my path towards fluency in order to accomplish that. I highly recommend this program for those trying to learn or improve on their Spanish, and to maximize what you get out of the program I would also recommend both studying the material outside the classroom and practicing speaking as much as you can, even though it is very slow and frustrating at first. Thanks, Spanish Panama for a great experience and a lot of newly gained knowledge of Spanish!

Andres (Jan 2016)

A learning experience – as it should be.

After more than 2 years, going to Spanish Panama is more like visiting friends who are going to school. A great school in a great location

FGBFederalWay (Dec 2015)

A wonderful experience

I am in my third week of Spanish classes at school. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Instruction is very flexible and teachers are happy to meet any of your needs. All the staff that works there make you feel very welcome. It is a very pleasant experience for me, and I look forward to attending each day. In the middle of our lessons, they often end up laughing hysterically about something or another. It is wonderful to be able to learn a foreign language, the culture of different teachers (as many are from other countries besides Panama), and make good friends all at the same time. I love it!

Railroad Lady (Dec 2015)

This Panama language school will improve your stay

At the last minute, he made plans for me to go back to Panama and we wanted to take some Spanish classes. The school worked with me and my plans. My plane was late for classes tomorrow, they gave me a class in the afternoon. Christmas was one of the days, it is planned that an afternoon class. I didn’t realize the tour was on the weekend, they have scheduled an afternoon tour. The teachers were excellent, and the location easily accessible. The rooms were very comfortable and everyone was very nice. that you like this school experience. I wish I could study longer. There are many restaurants nearby, as well as the metro and bus station. I was able to walk from my hotel.

Dadme (Dec 2015)

I know a good school and this is one!

Teacher and academics, I am very clear as to what I want when it comes to learning. And so I had to write this review to recognize this excellent school. My experience was possible because of the teachers, Jaime, and Danae.

So without hesitation, I recommend this school, but it will be very clear from the beginning on how to learn so that you can make effective recommendations that suit your style. Now I know many of the main questions that are asked: to achieve fluency in Spanish after taking the classes. The answer is, it depends. I am not fluent, because I do not study enough. I only spoke Spanish and read Spanish when I was in school, because I was busy doing other things. But I am convinced that if he had studied me, they have made it fluent. So it all depends on you.

Lawrence F (Oct 2015)

Spanish lessons

I love this place! As someone who teaches English to Spanish speakers, I really liked their teaching methods. Small class, expert teachers, and very energetic.

I have learned a lot about Central and South America from conversations and from other countries. I don’t know if learning a language is ‘fun’, but you will have an excellent return on your investment!

I plan to return in the spring for more advanced courses.

The staff was attentive and helpful. They have managed to create a unique and positive environment.

I have no complaints; for me, that’s really something!

Ignat75 (Aug 2015) Baltimore, Maryland

good price and good quality

We had a short but good opportunity to study here. I think the prices are reasonable and the quality solid – they gave me so much good instruction and good advice on how to improve my (intermediate) Spanish language ability, which was not easy as I had to adapt to what I did and they don’t know. I would recommend and may!) Stay here again.

Helen G. (Jul 2015)

Beginner’s dream

Learning a language is difficult … or at least for me, it is. But I was committed to a month home sit down and travel in Panama and Costa Rica for 3 months, and it seemed like a good investment to take an immersion program first. It was a good decision because he knew zero Spanish and was a true beginner.

I discovered Panama Spanish online and registered for an intensive two-week program that we met 4 hours a day. I was delighted with the quality of the teaching, the individual attention, and the overall program. He was laid back and fun, but also professional. I had three excellent teachers: Brigida, Isis Melba, and Gabriella, and they complement each other. They were nurturing and patient with a true beginner, and they had gained the confidence to take what they had learned in the classroom to the streets.

The instruction highlighted pronunciation, tenses, articles, and verbs, but they were always applied with the intention of using them to speak. Although I have left the program, I am traveling in Panama and Costa Rica and continue to expand my vocabulary and skills, referring to my manual class when necessary.

Highly recommended.

Valériya B (Jun 2015) Lyon, France

Best experience.

I attended SpanishPanama for a 4-week intensive course. I have to say it was the best learning experience. After speaking Spanish at SA and some at College, I still don’t know how to communicate. This program really helped me and let me say it is intensive indeed. I will definitely do it again and/or more.

I feel pretty confident that he speaks now, it is amazing how much he can communicate now as opposed to four short weeks ago. It motivates me to go ahead and lap (burnish) – my abilities to finally get fluent. Highly recommended.

Shepski (Jun 2015)

Panama – excellent Spanish

I was extremely impressed with the welcoming and familiar environment as a teaching method. Felt right at home, with big smiles and many friendly greetings, from staff and students alike. My teacher was professional and very experienced. I recommend anyone wanting a first-class school to join them for good conversation.

Kristina Be (May 2015) Panama City, Panama

Very satisfied student

I am very satisfied with my Spanish Panama course. I am already visiting the field for two and a half months and my Spanish skills have improved significantly – from not speaking at all to having fluent conversations with natives. The teachers are always friendly and smiling and in general, there is a very positive atmosphere. I like the way Spanish is taught there and I find it very practical for day to day life. I totally recommend it to everyone who wants to learn Spanish effectively.

PTY travelers (Feb 2015)


My experience at Spanish Panama was excellent! I highly recommend this school to anyone living in Panama or just visiting. They have options available for all levels of Spanish and you can study with a group of students or one-on-one with a teacher. The staff is professional, friendly, and very helpful. Studying here significantly improved my Spanish skills. The school is also located on Via Argentina, which is a great street to walk. There are many shops, cafes, and restaurants. Without a doubt, if you want to learn Spanish in Panama, this is the place!

Ryan Forde (Mar 2015)

Great experience

I had a great experience and the opportunity to improve my Spanish while taking Spanish courses in Panama. My teacher, Danae, was the best Spanish teacher I could have had and another teacher Giselle as well. Danae was very friendly, open to conversation, professional, and understood how I teach like other students at different levels.

The Spanish administration of Panama is also very good. They left me the flexibility to pick up my schedule and make changes where they need to be. She also allowed me to take classes with my preferred teachers. Everything was very professional and affordable. I recommend Spanish Panama to three of my friends who accompanied me in Panama, and you will not regret it!

Jasper W (Mar 2015)

Good experience and I learned a lot!

We had a good experience with the Spanish school classes. We did about 50 hours, which is recommended when you want to learn something. We had a lead teacher, who was good, patient, and clear. Sometimes we do other teachers, which was good for modification. The facilities are not very new and modern, but it is good enough for classes. Make sure that when you start a course, you know what you want to achieve and agree on how you want your lessons to structure and the volume of work you want.

Carlos Linero (Mar 2015)

Learning either Spanish or English this place has something special.

It’s a place to learn Spanish or English, they teach you in a few hours this kind of survival Spanish, how to move around the city, how to interact with locals, what I really love about this place is the coffee break, teachers from Chile, Colombia, Panama, USA, Canada, and so on, students from different countries, colors, cultures … I think when you share with so many different people you start not only learning a language but also learning about people!

97, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

98, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

99, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Zia P. (Apr de 2014)

Corso one to one

La mia esperienza con “Spanish Panama” è stata molto divertente e istruttiva. I professori sono competenti e quindi nell’arco di una lezione il confronto è molto interessante e soddisfacente. Per i madrelingua italiana devo precisare che questa scuola parte da un punto di vista di madrelingua inglese quindi è necessario fare il test iniziale in modo che sia chiaro ai professori quali difficoltà reali un italiano può incontrare e sarebbe utile sapere un pò d’inglese.

One to one course

My experience with “Spanish Panama” was very fun and informative. The professors are competent and therefore the comparison over the course of a lesson is very interesting and satisfying. For Italian native speakers, I must point out that this school starts from the point of view of native English speakers so it is necessary to take the initial test so that it is clear to the teachers what real difficulties an Italian can encounter and it would be useful to know a little English.

Pete S (Mar 2013)

Good school great location.

Good school, you get what you put into it, I only took 3 classes to see if I would like them. Would recommend Clara from Spain she kept class interesting and saw what I needed to work on. The school is located in a great part of the city. I would recommend taking a class or two before committing and make sure you get paired with an instructor you like and can learn from, the more classes you take the cheaper the price. They have very affordable group prices also.

Ron E (Dec 2012)

Hola, mi profesora!

I think I said hello professor. I spent 4 or 5 hours with one on one instruction. Friendly and fun, and conversational, well worth the time. It helped my confidence. I will take more lessons when I return.

Len H. (Nov 2012)

The best!

Although the school is a bit difficult to find, it is worth the effort. It is very reasonably priced and very flexible. You can attend as many (or a few days as you want and classes of between 2-4 hours per day. The classes are very small (plus 4 students per teacher). They also have immersion programs where you can live with a Spanish-speaking family although not I took that option.

E.F. (Sep 2012)

We all liked our teachers

My mother, my husband, and my two children, and I were in Panama City for two weeks. We signed up for two hours of Panama Spanish tutoring at that time. The adults each had their own one-on-one Tutor (we were at very different levels of Spanish) and my children were together with another tutor. All of us liked our teachers and looked forward to our classes. The children’s teacher had some activities that we enjoyed. Sometimes you owe us, although most days you don’t. (Except for my mother, who seemed to get a ton of homework every day, but she was a “gerrymandering student, too.) The teachers were chock-full of information on what restaurants to go to, what places to see, when to Seeing them, when to avoid them, etc. All the staff were very friendly and made us sad to leave school when our two weeks were over.

The school is in the Cangrejo neighborhood, and we always enjoyed our lunch at different restaurants that were within walking distance. El Cangrejo was somewhat located in the center of town, so it was a good starting point for our afternoon excursions.

Charlene (Jun 2011)

Good instruction at the right price

WOW I was there at the same time and I was impressed by the way the staff dealt professionally with the matter …. my lessons carried on and there was hardly any disruption even though a freak storm had caused the walls of the city’s main reservoir to break. Nice environment … friendly (attractive) teachers. Do the new ecotour -95.00!

11 1, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

12 1, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Jody (Apr 2011)

Made the trip complete

I found them to be very helpful and experienced. As a novice, my Spanish skills improved greatly with their intense instructions.

Additionally, with their extracurricular excursions, I gained a deeper understanding of Panama than I ever would have gained as a tourist.

Janan D. (Feb de 2011)

Spanish Panama Spanish classes were our favorite thing to do in Panama City

The Spanish Panama Spanish school was a smart stop! While traveling in Latin America we went to several different Spanish schools. We can´t honestly pick a favorite country but the best quality professional Spanish instruction and staff were found at Spanish Panama on Via Argentina in Panama City, Panama. The diversity of skilled instructors made it a complete Spanish experience each one adding something to our language training. We only regret not having come to Panama first as this would have made the rest of our travels a lot easier, communicating with locals, getting around, etc.

Tip- if staying in Panama City ask at the school for their partner guesthouses or efficiency suites in their neighborhood of El Cangrejo as from here everything you need is easily accessible within walking distance. When taking classes get there on Monday for their welcome walk around the area.

Aurora Sky (sep de 2010)

Excellent Value with Professional Instructors

I loved studying Spanish at this school and wished I could have spent more time there. As a teacher, I was very impressed with their teaching staff. They clearly loved their work and made studying enjoyable. I’ve taken language classes before, French and Spanish, and this is one of the best approaches to teaching a second language that I’ve experienced.

Also, I’ve been studying salsa dancing for years and one of the extras the school provided was a salsa lesson. I couldn’t believe how challenging it was! I would return just for more salsa classes!

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17 1, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs