Spanish Panama school’s interior was especially re-constructed and designed by the Director for the sole purpose of being a Spanish language school, giving magnificient views from classrooms. This is the only Spanish school with a social area-terrace in Panama, private comfortable study areas to choose from, but with open options to socialize with other students if you so choose.

Classrooms are air-conditioned but also have floor fans for optional use upon student request as well as we realize that Panama is tropical and many students are accustomed to the colder northern countries.

Classrooms are bright with white boards and bright with surrounding views from the large student-length windows that are in most of the classrooms. There are beautiful views of the recently renovated Via Argentina.

Some of the school’s favorite books can be purchased.

Class student-teacher ratio sizes at Spanish Panama are generally small with basically no more than 4 students and must be at the same Spanish level. We find that smaller class sizes allow for more personalized attention for each student and more teacher-student time.
We do have larger classrooms for larger group classes if requested by co-workers at a business corporation or a group of friends.

Each classroom has a name reflecting the best of Panama’s tradition, culture, and history. Teachers and students often end up selecting their own favorite classroom for their classes and we are sure to comply if possible. One of our teachers has her own Wikipedia Panama page and you can find this Panamanian author in the big City Classroom or, as the classroom’s entrance is marked “Salón Ciudad” in Spanish.

Teacher Danae uses the visuals and people of cultural street life that you can see from the large windows of Salón Ciudad as essential tools in her own teaching style.

People love the large social space and the balcony terrace area with the street views and the compementary coffee and tea. It’s the perfect place to chat, practice your Spanish, and meet other students on a private or more open social level.

From the quiet classrooms you can still easily see and meet other teachers and students if you so desire.

There is a section of the social area where speaking Spanish is obligatory but without pressure. Spanish must be spoken and this motivates students just a bit more to use the target language in a comfortable atmosphere.

Classrooms Spanish Panama

Spanish Panama Language School balcony area friendly and relaxing for language students



Classrooms and social-balcony area with views of Panamanian life on Via Argentina & Cabeza Einstein