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Learn Spanish at the most conveniently located Spanish school in Panama City, Republic of Panama (Via Argentina, El Cangrejo). Spanish Panama Language School is a Canadian-Panamanian directed Spanish language school in Panama City, Panama, and well-known amongst expats in Panama for its professional, dynamic and well-educated teachers who utilize superior teaching techniques and deliver a diversity of customized Spanish courses for a wide range of Spanish levels and needs, whether it be for the zero beginner, basic, intermediate, or advanced language student.

Our Latin American teaching staff will provide you with knowledge of the local culture, and of course, teach you Spanish language skills that you can immediately apply to the “real world”. At Spanish Panama Language School it is about both learning a new language, and opening your eyes and heart to a completely new world.

Learn Spanish

Spanish or English classes at your business office, school, or home. Or a combination of office/school/home with online learning. Group or one on one classes.

This Panama school is the most experienced language school in Panama with a 20-year history successfully teaching Spanish to foreigners, Panama expats, & multinationals  from 100+ countries.

At Spanish Panama Language School you can find:

  • A highly qualified team of certified teachers to help you learn Spanish, or improve your existing Spanish level.
  • The best prices & quality in the market for courses held at their school or Spanish classes at business offices for corporate clients in Panama.
  • Panama City tours of all the most important “things to see” in Panama including the Panama Canal, the colonial city of Casco Viejo, beach, jungle, Panama culture, indigenous tribes, and much more
  • Information about the Panamanian culture and the local customs
  • Salsa dance classes
  • New friends & business contacts…

Specialized Spanish and English courses in Panama

We offer customized Spanish classes for business, corporations, banking, health care professionals and more at our Spanish school, your business office, home, or you may do our online classes, or do a mixture of online and in-person classes.
We also offer online classes in English and classes at business offices in Panama, in homes, or at our school on Vía Argentina. You may also do a combination of online classes with in-person classes anyplace, anytime.

For English classes at your company office, home, or our school please visit: classes in person with a teacher.

panish classes at your office or home

Spanish classes at your business office, home, or online

Spanish classes and English classes online, and After School tutorials for kids in schools

The simple secret to Spanish Panama success…


In school and in online classes, what we do is to provide you with a language teacher, encourage & remain open to your honest and sincere feedback, and find you the best methodology and best teacher to suit your personality, learning style, daily schedule, and needs.


In our 20 years as a language school we have used this Principled Eclecticism approach:

We have always sought to fit the school to the learner, not the learner to the school.


For virtual English classes or virtual Spanish classes:

Choose your language teacher here.


We also have online After School tutorials for school kids in Panama as Spanish or English online tutoring.

Choose After School tutors here.


To learn about our partner English school and its English courses:

Cursos de inglés en Panamá

Are you ready to learn Spanish in Central America?

Email, call, or come in to visit us, and you will be well on the road to speaking fluent Spanish..

Get a glimpse of Spanish Panama Language School

  • Spanish Panama Language School has the best, most convenient location for learning Spanish as Via Argentina is also the most fashionable street in Panama City. And more and more people are discovering that Panama is the best place to learn Spanish in Latin America.
  • The Spanish Panama school and classroom ambience is comfortable, professional, and friendly. Classrooms are mostly open & spacious with views through large windows of Via Argentina and Panama’s street life. Yet some are more private and smaller for a more intimate & personalized learning experience.
  • Spanish Panama has the best Spanish and English teachers that Panama has to offer
  • Spanish Panama Language School also has an amazing and consistent record of 20-years of corporate and school reviews from past language students. We’ve dedicated a page to a 1000+ reviews but these represent only some of our satisfied clients. For student testimonials 20-years School Reviews



Email, call, or come in to visit us, and you will be well on the road to speaking fluent Spanish..

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