As visiting students who study full-time often choose the option of intensive Spanish immersion in Panama that includes airport pickup in Tocumen, salsa classes, Panama Canal and city tour, as well as student accommodations help, they can talk directly to our driver about the airport dropoff and any extra excursions they want in Panama.

You can schedule your airport dropoff and any personalized excursions with Mike on your way into your new Panama home after arrival from the PTY airport in Panama. The airport dropoffs and Panama tours with Mike are not included in our pricing list. You may find that touring around Panama with Mike is a much better option for getting to know Panama for your pocket book, as our school allows him to negotiate and keep 100% of the commission. Panama tour agencies in Panama City often charge an enormous commission while we at Spanish Panama do it just as a service to the driver in appreciation for his many years of loyalty and his friendship. He is a kind person and you will be happy if you contract him.

Mike knows “poco” English but we find that that is good for your Spanish language progress because he enjoys practicing Spanish with newcomers to Panama, and that motivates students to speak Spanish while on our own city tour, and other places to visit in Panama City.

He may also be hired to explore Panama’s country outside of the city if you are interested. As some of our students are retirees from United States and Canada they often appreciate the convenience with someone who really knows how to get around, and safely.


As our driver to show you Panamá Viejo “Old Panama” on the way from PTY Tocumen