Airport Pickup PTY Tocumen International Airport, Panama City

Our complimentary airport pickup service at PTY Tocumen is provided for those students who have enrolled in one of Spanish Panama’s more intensive programs, 1-1, group, or mixed private and group Spanish classes. In these Spanish programs classes are held 4 to 6 or more hours per day.

Please send us your exact flight schedule when you have it and notify us if there are any arrival changes so that we may pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodations.

Mike is our go-to man with airport pickups at PTY!

He will meet you at the arrival gate at the airport when you come out of customs. There is a rail there so just take a left turn. If he doesn’t see you other right away you may sit in front of the “Budget Rent a Car” office a few yards further on.

In the enclosed attachment is Mike’s photo.

You may also arrange your own airport drop-off and excursion directly with Mike on your way to your accommodations in Panama if you like.

If you would like to arrange more excursions or see anything special in Panama, you may also talk directly to Mike as he knows the country inside out. Also, a great man for Spanish conversation practice!

If you are not tired from your flight this may also be a good time to pass by Panama’s Old City “Panamá Viejo” as these historical ruins that can be blamed on the British pirate, Captain Henry Morgan in 1671, can actually be seen on the way from the international airport.

Many tourists make this mistake: Don’t confuse Panama’s Old City (Panamá Viejo) with Panama’s Colonial City as Panamá Viejo (or Panamá la Vieja) is just a ruin and the Colonial City is “Casco Antiguo” or “Casco Viejo” and is an historical center with lots of old city charm & night life and easily reached from Spanish Panama school. This was settled in 1673, also thanks to Henry Morgan ruining the former homes!

By the way, it is the law in Panama to carry identification on you. It is a good idea to keep a photocopy of your passport and immigration stamp on you at all times. The currency here is the US dollar and cash can be easily accessed with ATM machines at a low commission. You may want to check this with your home bank before leaving. Our neighborhood has numerous ATM machines and banks such as Banco General, Scotiabank, Citibank, National Bank (BNP), Credicorp, & Global Bank. Unfortunately, people sometimes have trouble with American Express.

When you are flying into Panama from the North you may want to sit on the right side of the airplane. You should be able to see the Panama Canal, Taboga Island, and the spectacular Panama City skyline upon your approach and landing at PTY airport.

Ask our Spanish Panama driver Mike to take you to an indigenous village in Panama

Ask our Spanish Panama driver, Mike, to take you to an indigenous village in Panama.

Ask our Spanish Panama driver Mike to take you to see the full length of the Panama Canal.

Ask our Spanish Panama driver, Mike, to take you to see the full length of the Panama Canal.