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Do you want to learn Spanish abroad? Learn Spanish in Panama with the Spanish Panama Language School. We’ve been succesfully teaching Spanish to international students from all around the world for 20 years. Learning Spanish in Panama is a fun, safe, and good value option for anyone wishing to study Spanish abroad, and our school has been the top rated option for 20 years, and you can see some of our school reviews here:  20-years School Reviews

Our school – Spanish Panama Language School is located on Via Argentina, El Cangrejo, Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Our School Mission 

We want to always give the best quality Spanish classes in Panama and help our students, executives, adults and teenagers make their dreams come true.

Our School Values

  • Transparency
  • Openness
  • Customer service oriented
  • Personalized with small class size
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Great organization
  • Student comfort
  • Student progress
  • Low prices, best results

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If you take a good look at all the classrooms and school photos on this website, visit here, and meet our staff, you will observe that Spanish Panama Language School has the most pleasant and professional environment for learning Spanish and making friends in Panama City.

Our School : Physical and Social Environment

Each classroom with large glass windows was designed with the Spanish student in mind. There are amazing views of the surrounding street of Via Argentina, the best and most lively place in Panama City. Yet, the classrooms are also quiet, and perfect for personalized comfort with your teacher. Other classrooms are small and away from views for students who want even more privacy. Spanish Panama school was carefully thought out to consider the comfort for different language learning student personalities: the quite serious or shyer student who wants to have his/her own space in quiet areas, to the more outgoing who would like to get to know other students in a comfortable & cosmopolitan environment. Spanish Panama Language School has a fabulous balcony-terrace social area with local Panamanian life city views of the Bohemian, but modern and fashionable, Via Argentina & the Albert Einstein plaza (Cabeza Einstein).

Coffee And Tea Is Complimentary, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Coffee and tea is complimentary in the school’s balcony-terrace social area, and all the sales from cookies or treats go directly to helping street children of Panama, “Casa Esperanza Panamá”.

Each classroom has a name whose theme represents some aspect of Panamanian culture and that’s how you find your classroom. Each time you enter the school you will find your name with your teacher’s name, time of your class, and classroom name on the hallway’s white-board. Classrooms are named and decorated as “Flor y Fauna”, “Canal de Panama”, “Artesanías”, “Colonial”, “Pollera”, “Salón Caribe”, & “Salón Urracá”. Finally, in “Salón Ciudad” you will find a spacious classroom with a spectacular view of Panama City’s famous plaza of the Albert Einstein statue. From these classes and the social-terrace you get a direct view of the active day and night life of numerous local & international restaurants and cafes, corner stores, and the family park known as “Parque Andrés Bello”.

The student social atmosphere has always been cordial and friendly, and students practice their Spanish skills with fellow students over complementary coffee around the school and especially in the social area. Sometimes students join the other classes for a visit during breaks to practice Spanish and get to know the other students and teachers.

Long term friendships and best friends are often made, and business professionals sometimes find themselves meeting important contacts and even partnerships at the school. For 20 years it has been a pleasant place for social and business networking in Panama.

Our School Neighborhood:

The Spanish Panama Language School neighborhood of Via Argentina is the best place in Panama City to practice the Spanish learned in class, have all the conveniences you need, and explore the rest of Panama & Latin America.

As you discover the school’s neighborhood you will consider it your own “Spanish language laboratory” for practicing the new words and important expressions you learn in class with the friendly locals.

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Our Spanish School Reviews, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Our Spanish School Reviews.

Trip Advisor has Awarded the Certificate of Excellence  to Spanish Panama Language School.

Along with our many GOOGLE Reviews Spanish Panama Language School is one of the most reviewed and most positively reviewed Spanish schools in Latin America.

Click here for 20-years School Reviews

*We do not hire professional marketing companies to do our YouTube videos so they are the genuine accounts of our Spanish students. See our YouTube page here for Learning Spanish in Panama:  LearnSpanishPanama

On YouTube, you will also find introductions from some of our English and Spanish online teachers as well as some student oral testimonials from Latino & Asian English language learners.