Cultural and Volunteer Activities in Panama

Cultural Activities

SpanishPanama’s “Actividades Culturales” (Cultural Activities)

Our most asked about Cultural Activities right now is our trip to the tropical Gamboa rainforest, less than an hour from SpanishPanama in Panama City..

Spanish Panama Gamboa rainforest option:
Ask about our weekend option to visit one  of the most remarkable rainforests in the world. Cost is $120.00 for 2 night stay and includes transportation and 2 days lodging (shared bathroom and kitchen and fan (no A/C). This is a few blocks from the Panama Canal and used to be occupied by the US dredging division for the Panama Canal. Today it is full of professional bird watchers and international nature scientists studying the rich abundance of flora and fauna in this tranquil tropical town. This is just a few hundred meters from the spectacular Gamboa Resort Hotel.  Cost includes some orientation but not tickets to nature trails , indigenous village visit, or other of the many outdoor activities there. If you are American this town will take you back in history.

Gamboa is unique for the wooden houses built by the US 80 years ago.

Gamboa by SpanishPanama Spanish school: ALL rooms have views of the rainforest. This is for true lovers of nature only.

Cultural Activities This indigenous island is a short and beautiful kayak ride away TEL: 66243302

Gamboa tropical rainforest by SpanishPanama Spanish school. The famous Panama Canal and Panama cross country train are just a few blocks to SpanishPanama’s lodging. The building shared with international tropical research scientists , our SpanishPanama Spanish students , and those who love and respect nature. Via Argentina TEL: 213-3121

Introducing the Gamboa rainforest by SpanishPanama Spanish school. A daily activity is to see these cute rabbits called Igouti in the backyard. Gamboa is so rich in plant and animal life that lovers of nature visit Gamboa from all over the world.

Cultural Activities


Below is part of article on SpanishPanama Spanish school borrowed from The Panama News

Learn salsa dancing at Spanish Panama

Truly learning Spanish is not just a transliteration of words. It’s an immersion into a culture.
That’s why Spanish Panama, whose principal business is as a language school, also has salsa dancing lessons every Thursday.

Our social area open-air terrace is across from “Cabeza Einstein” (the statue of Einstein’s head) and there is plenty of room for all. We invite you to come and meet old friends and make new ones at SpanishPanama Language School.


Enjoying Panama means Learning Spanish and there’s no better place to do it than at SpanishPanama Language School!

Volunteer Options

Can I get involved in volunteer Projects whilst studying with Spanish Panama Language School?

Volunteering helps your Spanish, and at the same time you help the community. Choices include nature/ecology, or children or animals. Our lead partner is Habitat for Humanity.

Volunteer Options are coordinated by the Spanish school.

Due to the cultural diversity and varied professional backgrounds of our students, SpanishPanama has initiated strong charitable ties with Habitat for Humanity.

Telephone: (+507) 213-3121 Email:

Panama our new home: Many of our clients come here planning to live, work, set up businesses, buy real estate, or even retire in Panama. Many feel a need to offer something back to Panama in return for giving them both opportunities and a beautiful place to live.

Giving Back: As many of us are making homes or businesses here, we also feel a need to help provide a better homes and help in making new lives for people in areas of the country who have had a very low income and perhaps less opportunities.

Goal: Our goal here is not to create people forever dependant, but to provide people with tools that they can use to better their own lives.

The Start: Let’s start less than one hour from here, in Chilibre, by making a house for a family with little means.

Benefits: Volunteering also forcibly immerses a student in the Panamanian language and our students have shown improvement in conversational Spanish after working like this in the community.

Contact: Those wanting to volunteer their life skills and experiences or $, please talk to Veronica or Carmen at the Spanish school.

Estimado Joseph Ennis (de Spanish Panama),

Deseo expresarle mi complacencia y alegría, en saber que hay personas como usted y su organización, que desean apoyar al que menos tiene. Joseph, las viviendas  tiene un costo aproximado de US$ 8,000.00, y seria para nosotros muy importante que su organización pudiese aportar una casa y construirla entre todos, pues ahora mismo lo que mas estamos necesitando es en el apoyo económico y del voluntariado.



Programa de Voluntarios de SpanishPanama

Debido a la diversidad cultural y la variedad en experiencia profesional de los estudiantes, SpanishPanama ha iniciado fuertes lazos de caridad con habitad para la humanidad.

Muchos de nuestros clientes vienen a Panamá con planes de quedarse viviendo, trabajando, creando negocios, comprando bienes y ra?es, o hasta jubilarse. Algunos sienten una necesidad de ofrecer algo a Panam?como agradecimiento a todas las oportunidades que les ofrece y por un lindo lugar para vivir.

Como muchos de nosotros estamos construyendo casas, tambien necesitamos proveer mejores hogares para otros en ?eas de la ciudad donde hay bajos ingresos y menores oportunidades y ayudarlos a comenzar nuevas vidas. Nuestra meta no es crear personas con una dependencia de por vida sino de crear personas con herramientas para mejorar sus vidas.

Comencemos a menos de una hora de la ciudad, en Chilibre, construyendo una casa a una familia con pocos medios. ¡Buena Suerte! Los que quieran participar como voluntarios o $, favor comunicarse con Patricia.

FANLYC, an organization that helps children with Cancer and Leukemia.

When contacting us for the first time please mention any available opportunities for volunteering and send your resume to us at the same time. Another good idea is to enquire about bringing some things from home that you may want to donate.