If you enroll in any of Spanish Panama Language School’s intensive Spanish programs (min. 20 hours per week) you are invited to complimentary salsa classes each week. These salsa dance classes are held a few blocks from Spanish Panama at our partner dance school.

Dance workshops last for up to 3 hours. Sometimes some of the participants meet up after class at one of the local salsa bars for further practice. Classes usually start after 6:30pm. Classes are held in Spanish so it a good time to practice all the movement verbs and phrasal verbs that you learned in your Spanish classes, as well as a lot about the Spanish vocabulary of body parts!

Some students decide to hire for private salsa lessons on their own on other days and times of the week. These can be arranged at the dance school.

Popular Spanish immersion programs from Spanish Panama include 4 or 6 hours of Spanish classes per day. These can be group Spanish classes, private Spanish classes, or a mixture of group with the 1 on 1 Spanish classes. Along with airport pickup at Tocumen PTY, the once a week salsa classes and city tour are included for free.

You may also invite a newfound Spanish learning friend or local Panamanian friend along for these salsa classes for just $10.00 extra.


Have fun learning salsa at Spanish Panama’s partner dance school!