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Spanish Language Evaluation Tests

Spanish Panama has a number of Spanish Language Evaluation Tests, to help you work out your level of Spanish, and to help you choose which of our various language courses suits your needs best. (Click on the phrase in blue)

The tests are made up of a number of single answer and multiple choice questions. The tests are open only to registered users – if you’re not logged in you can do the test, but to submit it you’ll be asked to register with the site. Make sure your email is written correctly on each form as we’d like to be sure that we can get back to you with your results. The tests are reviewed and marked by our teaching staff as soon as possible but email us at if you do not receive your score within 24 hours.


Básico 1 (Basic 1)

Básico 2 (Basic 2)

Intermedio 1 (Intermediate 1)

Intermedio 2 (Intermediate 2)

Intermedio 3 (Intermediate 3)

Advanced 1


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