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University of Panama – Spanish Language Day


University of Panama – Spanish Language Day

Joseph Ennis, Director of SpanishPanama, is pleasantly surprised with an award for contribution in the 11th Cervante’s Festival celebrating Spanish Language Day.
Present in photo (on the right) is Chilean Ambassador for Panama, Don Flavio Tarsetti. The Festival paid homage to Chilean Nobel prize winning poet, Pablo Neruda (amongst others).


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Over the last few days, SpanishPanama Language School participated in the events organized by the Spanish Department of the Humanities School of the University of Panama, as part of the celebrations to commemorate Miguel de Cervantes Week. During the week, specialists and scholars presented seminal works from several countries including Nicaragua, Chile and Panama. Those in attendance were exposed to works by Ruben Dario, Pablo Neruda and Ricardo J. Bermudez – all outstanding authors, whose masterpieces contributed to the formation of the Spanish American modern thought and created high standards of values in literature and life.

SpanishPanama Language School pursues excellence in teaching the Spanish Language, and an integral part of this, is incorporating cultural activities into our programs. The Spanish school is always looking for opportunities to provide staff and students with unique experiences relating to Spanish culture from the 22 nations worldwide where Spanish is the mother tongue. As such, some of SpanishPanama school’s teachers and students also took part in the week’s celebrations, by special invitation. By all accounts, a good time was had by all.
The School regularly organizes a range of activities to raise the profile of the Spanish culture as a whole, including lectures, conversational events and visits to sites of interest. To get involved, check our website for more details, or contact the School´s Director, Joseph Ennis.








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