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Two fun workshops open to all expats in Panama City


Two fun workshops open to all expats in Panama City

Brazilian samba and Latin salsa dance classes are held at Spanish Panama on Via Argentina. The dance classes are held for those who don’t speak Spanish or those expats in Panama who are just learning Spanish.

Dance classes are currently held every Wednesday night at 7:30pm.

This is for a small intimate group and reservations and pre-payment must be made. Times may change and 10 weeks of classes will cost $100.00.

Spanish Panama is making it easier for all expats, even those not currently enrolled in SpanishPanama, to enjoy some of the extra-curricular activities being offered for Panama City’s expat population.

The Spanish Panama speaking club is also currently open to all expats who just want to have fun practicing Spanish and getting to know more about Panama culture in a social and non-threatening environment. The club is run by a top notch educator used to handling Spanishpanama’s diverse student list of more than 100different countries.

The cost for joining the speaking club is $170.00 for 3 months and it’s also a great way to network and just make friends in Panama.

SpanishPanama is 35 steps down from popular ex-pat hangout, New York Bagels, and across the road from a trendy outdoor Colombian-owned bar, Golden Frog or “Rana Dorada“.

So you can mix your days with practicing Spanish words, coffee and bagels, dancing, and wine, and all around “Cabeza Einstein”.