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Top 5 reasons to study Spanish in Panama

There are so many locations, particularly in the Americas, where you can study Spanish.  There are many reasons to study spanish in Panama. Spanish Panama Language school has been helping students learn spanish for over 18 years, and is one of the best recommended schools in the Americas; we may be slightly biased, but there are also some solid reasons why we think you should study Spanish in Panama.
Here are our top 5 reasons to study Spanish in Panama:

  • 1. Panama is accessible: In the last few years, Panama has become a center for economic activities. You can now find direct flights from some major US cities like Washington DC, Miami, Las Vegas, Orlando, Houstan, and New York to Panama. People who reside in Europe can also find direct flights to Panama from Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Paris. Canadians interested in studying Spanish can catch some direct flights from Montreal and Toronto to Panama. The Panamanian Government has also invested millions of dollars in the development of local airports to grow the tourism sector.
  • 2. Access to world-class infrastructure: Studying Spanish in Panama also gives you access to world-class infrastructures such as high-speed internet services, developed banking system, first-class restaurants, best shopping centers, high way infrastructure, and telecommunications. In addition, the subway metro line, bus service, and taxi systems are regulated and modified to ensure you are comfortable while travelling around the city. UBER is easy to use in Panama City.
  • 3. Home to foreigners: Panama is home to foreigners. The Panamanians are welcoming, open, and friendly; they are some of the kindest and most warm-hearted people on earth; they accept people from different cultures; they don’t judge you and meddle into your activity. Many speak English, so you don’t have to worry about communicating with the locals on arrival. In addition, there is also a long history of foreigners working and living in Panama; you will find immigrants from Asia, Europe, America, Chinese, Latin, and Arab communities throughout Panama.
  • 4. Panama is safe: Panama is very safe for visitors and tourists who follow the laid down safety guidelines. Also, there is no threat of political revolutions or earthquakes in the city. The transport system is reliable, and the private health care system is top-notch; you will have access to modern health care facilities at an affordable price.
  • 5. World-class adventure: Panama is the perfect destination for people who love adventure; there are outdoor activities in Panama no matter what town you choose to study Spanish. In facts, so many Spanish language schools like the Spanish Panama Language School work with local tour operators to schedule outdoor adventure for all students. You will enjoy diving, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, rock climbing, and even watching the marine life at Coiba National Marine Park.

Finally, studying Spanish in Panama gives you an opportunity to live with some of the happiest people on earth. This is because Panama is ranked as one of the top cities where happy people reside and studying Spanish among happy people makes you fill relaxed, fulfilled, and ready to learn.

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