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Tips for travelers





Tips for travelers

The cute monkey trick, well known amongst Asian travelers, is also in play here.

One tourist we know went off the explore Bocas Del Toro, one of the many beautiful

areas of Panama, a 7 hour bus ride or $150.00 return plane ride from here. Hanging

out with friends they spotted our human cousin and starting feeding him/her. He/she

ate real well and then grabbed and ran off with our tourist’s wallet back into the

tropics! They started throwing rocks at the monkey and managed to scare the monkey into dropping the wallet. However, in hurrying to retrieve the wallet, our tourist

friend fell down an embankment and got scratched up. He was actually lucky to get

away with minor bruises as the ditch was real deep. This practice will likely

continue as long as rocks are being thrown at monkey victims rather than the actual

perpetrators; the owners.