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SpanishPanama at “Dancing with the Stars”

SpanishPanama at “Dancing with the Stars”

SpanishPanama Spanish school bids farewell, happiness, and good fortune to Polish student, Kasia Borowska. Kasia came to Panama with “zero” Spanish and learned enough Spanish at SpanishPanama to “successfully defend herself” on Panama’s popular TVN (television) program, “Dancing with the Stars.” From all the teachers and staff at SpanishPanama; “We are extremely proud of you!”

Professional dancer, Kasia, danced with Panama’s reggaeton star, RD Maravilla, and they went on to last 5 performances. She had only arrived in Panama several months earlier. In front of viewing audiences of tens of thousands of Spanish speakers she answered and understood all questions (in Spanish!). She came across on Panama’s TVN as intelligent, beautiful, and a great dancer. RD Maravilla was lucky to have such a partner. Kasia was lucky, too, as he’s also a great guy!

SpanishPanama at “Dancing with the Stars”……

…Says Kasia about RD Maravilla; “He was so much fun! I just love his positive attitude about life”.

….and to SpanishPanama from Kasia:  “Thank you! And I managed to understand the judges thanks to your school! 🙂

SpanishPanama is a Spanish school (operating for 13 years) for foreigners located in the heart of Panama City, Panama. Besides Spanish courses they now teach English classes to Panamanians and to Panama’s international Latino communities. www.spanishpanama.comclases de ingles Panama,  Tel: (#507) 213-3121

“Dancing with the Stars” is a fun entertaining dance program that matches up popular Panamanian personalities with professional dancers.

SpanishPanama Dancing with the Stars

SpanishPanama at “Dancing with the Stars”            YEAH! Kasia from Poland!

SpanishPanama Spanish language school in Panama City.

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