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“Spanish schools in Latin America”



“Spanish schools in Latin America”

Regarding popular “Spanish schools in Latin America”

for “Spanish abroad” students and retirees alike:

This month there has been a spike up in two major groups of foreign Spanish students in Panama City. At Spanish Panama we have many more university and overseas students learning Spanish as a second language in order to advance their careers and the increasing number of economic opportunities that speaking Spanish is presenting for bilinugal Americans working in the United States.

Secondly, we have many retirees and semi-retirees settled on, or seriously considering, their new home in Panama. Many pensioners have the common sense to know that to “LEARN SPANISH” is a must in order to live comfortably in Panama. Some are even wanting to enter part-time business activities such as consultation work, rentals, real estate, educational services, internet or computer based businesses, investments, and even pursuing their hobbies and interests, and they know that at least speaking some Spanish opens big doors.

Spanish Panama language school is recognized among the expat community in Panama as the professional school located in the best Panama City neighborhood to explore the country.

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