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Spanish Panama salsa classes at school again!

The first salsa class of the year was held Jan 10 on the terrace of the “Area Social” overlooking Via Argentina, Panama’s  expat enclave and best steet in the best neighborhood in the country.

The neighborhood’s diversity as well as the Spanish Panama cosmopolitan environment was well demonstrated at the dance class with students from far away places such as Chicago, Canada, Czech Republic, Serbia, France, Greece, the Bahamas, and the Puerto Rican-Panamanian dance instructor.

Spanish Panama students usually have these classes at the Spanish school’s partner dance studio held four blocks from the Center. The teachers are sensitive to students’ Spanish language needs and guide them through what is often their first salsa dancing moves. When learning the language it is important to have fun and take a dip into everything cultural.

Photos of Via Argentina, El Cangrejo, and Cabeza Einstein taken by students from Spanish Panama social area balcony.

Via Argentina from Spanish PanamaFirst steps in PanamaCabeza Einstein from Spanish schoolStudents from all over.