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Spanish Panama Conversation Club


Spanish Panama Conversation Club for those who want to have fun learning and practicing their Spanish in Panama.

The Spanish Panama Conversation Club has sessions starting at 3:00 pm every Friday and run for about 90 minutes.  If Friday is a holiday there is no meeting. These meetings are purely social (meet new friends!) and

conversational (speaking ZERO percent English!) and incudes very interactive Spanish learning activities (comfortable with no pressure!) and is good for all levels of participants (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish speakers).

It is $180.00 for every three months of participation. (That would be about 12 sessions). The validity is 3 months from the sign up date as there are no makeup sessions for missed classes or meetings.

For any foreigner visiting or living or working in Panama reservations and payment must be made one week ahead of the first session. The first session is free for both ex-students and current students of Spanish Panama. And ALL sessions are free for intensive immersion students enrolled in Spanish Panama programs; that is those taking a min. of 4 hours of Spanish classes a day.


This club is perfect for anyone who feels a bit (or very!) uncomfortable speaking or practicing Spanish amongst Panamanians or his/her own friends in Panama.

You’ll enjoy the sessions as the instructors are professional and are expert in having the students enjoy the learning and feel comfortable.