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Some Simple Tips to Improve Your Business Spanish Vocabulary

So many international students studying business Spanish find it tricky to improve in their vocabulary because some Spanish words are identical with their native languages. However, it is quite possible to effectively improve in your quest to learn business Spanish vocabulary by following the under tips listed below.

  • 1. Study daily: There is no better way to improve your business Spanish vocabulary than starting by studying daily. You must not start by reading a business Spanish book of 100 pages; rather you can find something you like about the business Spanish language and invest at least 10 to 15 minutes in studying it daily.
  • 2. Study cognates: Another way to improve your Spanish business vocabulary is to start by studying cognates. Cognates are the easiest of Spanish words to learn; they are spelled similarly but have different pronunciation and meaning in Spanish. Some of these words include (nation, nación) and (pronunciation, pronunciación).
  • 3. Learn at least 2 Spanish verbs every day: Learning two Spanish words daily will make a lot of difference in your quest to learn business Spanish. You can also learn at least one Spanish expression daily to have a better understanding of verb tenses.
  • 4. Use Spanish business words regularly: Actively memorizing business Spanish words helps you to improve your business Spanish vocabulary. One way to do this effectively is by using Spanish business words while interacting with people and see how many words you will learn and use correctly in a week.
  • 5. Make a list of new business Spanish words: During your business Spanish classes, you must have come across some new words. It is vital that you make a list of these words and study them on intervals. The process of repetition will eventually help you in mastering such words.
  • 6. Use Flashcards: Flashcards are amazing tools that help you memorize anything. With the rapid technological advancement all over the globe, there are so many Flashcard apps that can be downloaded online to enhance your learning process.
  • 7. Relate with Spanish Speaking people often: The easiest way to practice your Spanish vocabulary is by striking up a conversation with Spanish speakers and make efforts to use the new words you have learned while speaking.
      Finally, learning business Spanish at the Spanish Panama Language School doesn’t have to be a pain in your neck; with these tips listed above, you should see a difference in the learning process.

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