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School Bond between Student and Teacher remains

School Bond between Student and Teacher remains


“It is not only business to business sake but human to human sake.” ― Itzik Amiel.

A little example of how connections remain between Spanish Panama Students and teachers: On February 2019, we received a visit. It was Kris Brown from San Francisco, USA. He used to be a former student of Spanish Panama Language School 7 years ago. Kris took advantage of the fact that his flight had to stop for twelve hours in Panama, so he decided to pass by the school.

Whether it’s one, seven, ten, and five or fifteen years, stories and lovely reminders like this happen to us each year. It can be old students who want to re visit their teachers, and they sometimes return to bring their kids or friends so they can also study with us, and have similar enjoyable learning experiences here.

Each of our students has a unique way of learning the language. They let us connect with them in order to learn Spanish and understand our culture.

We are very grateful for all the students that have been in our hands. And we welcome all of you who are soon to come. Feel free to check our other social medias and our web page.

We specialize in teaching the advanced learner to beginners and even the not-so-confident learner.

If you are having difficulties our language professionals are here to help you also have a great experience.

Email: TEL: 213-3121

School Bond between Student and Teacher remains