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Roberto Durán “Mano de Piedra”

Roberto Durán “Mano de Piedra”

Roberto Durán “Mano de Piedra” and SpanishPanama

Roberto Durán “Mano de Piedra” and SpanishPanama

If you walk around Spanish Panama Language School, you may have the chance to meet Roberto “Mano de Piedra” Durán. 

We want to talk about a person that is very loved by all Panamanians. He is known by the nickname “Mano de Piedra”, or “Hands of Stone” in English. He is the ex-light weight boxer Roberto Durán.

Roberto has been ranked by Rich O’Brien, one of the ten greatest boxers of the world, pound for pound. Sports Illustrated gave him the recognition of the best lightweight of all time. His record is 119 fights, with 103 victories and 70 Knock Outs. Very impressive huh?

Apart from his sports success, today we want to highlight its quality of people. These days, it is very easy to meet Roberto around the Spanish Panama Language School area. He likes to sit in the park or eat in one of his favorite restaurants of the surroundings.

One thing we admire most about him at Spanish Panama Language School: he has never let his success go to his head. He remains very loyal to his childhood friends.

Many of our students have had the opportunity to meet him, talk about their experiences and even take pictures with him. He is a fun person and very easy to talk with. If you are lucky, you could find him to.

Spanish Panama Language School appreciates it a lot when a student has the opportunity to share in such a way. As well as knowing and visiting other places in Panama City, interacting with people, and, in this case, with someone who has marked the history of Panama positively. You know the saying “happy school, happy students”.

Roberto Durán “Mano de Piedra” and SpanishPanama


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