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Politics in Panama and politics in the US


Politics in Panama and politics in the US

Panama also needs the ideas of a sincere politician like Texas Republican congressman, Ron Paul. To many he seems to be just another American politician, mistakenly (or deliberately) referred to as being “far-right” or “extreme right”, but there are many universal truths being expressed by this man of non-compromising integrity and we’d be much the wiser to take the bait and debate.

Studying Ron Paul, checking out all the Youtube videos, and reading his books, is the the best start for students to understand politics in Panama. The historic mistakes made by the U.S., in ignoring the wisdom of its founders, with its secretive central bank, the encroachment of big government in health care, education, economics and cozy control of big corporations, betrayal of small business and healthy competition, accompanied by inflation, and housing bubbles, ever increasing loans to finance mega-projects, and the enter twined problems they all cause, as well as threats to real press freedom and civil liberties, really do parallel Panama in a lot of ways. As the debt grows and local sources of fund-raising dry up, and with domestic problems, Panama’s government may also someday look to foreign entanglements to justify its existence.

Things often look good in the short run, especially for direct beneficiaries of this loan money and “thin air” money from central banks, but in the long run it is all of us, and especially the next generation and the next generations, which pay the price of bad ideas.

Ron Paul will likely be defeated in the Iowa caucus today or soon afterward by a media that often deliberately mischaracterize his personality and ideas in order to prevent the world from ever experiencing the wealth that can be had with free enterprise and social freedoms as opposed to “crony-capitalism” and “majority relativism” as practiced in Panama and abroad.