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Panama’s Future



Panama’s Future

A lot of foreign residents living in Panama with no voting power would anyways hope that the Panamanian government would hire Jaime Figueroa Navarro as a leader in the Tourism Ministry (“ministro de Turismo en Panama”). He has many years of New York corporate and marketing experience, and understands the English language better than most North Americans. He actually listens and engages intellectually the international community living as well as touring here in Panama. After having traveled to so many countries and observed what works in the world industry of global tourism he has developed the best ideas on improving Panama position and to simply show Panama for the beautiful country it is. Most essential is that you will never meet anyone with more passion about Panama’s tourism future as well as Panama’s international image. Elected politicians need to select people with ability, passion, and clearly focused on their goal; in this case improving Panama’s status as the premier tourist destination in Latin America.


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