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Panama’s “American Society” slogan says it all…



Panama’s “American Society” slogan says it all…

Every year around this time in April the American Society of Panama (AMSOC) has its most important function, usually held at one of the many “best” restaurants of Panama City.

It’s the election for the Board of Directors of the American Society. Each member gets a vote and the results set the direction and tone that the organization will follow.
The American Society sends out biographies to its members and historically this consists of about 8 to 12 candidates, all good members of Panama’s expat community, willing to sacrifice their time and energies for the American Association’s goals.
The few candidates that are elected are chosen for two year terms.
There is a fee to join, currently at $40.00.
For your information below is a list of most noted members and anyone of them will be happy to have you join and become an active contributor to their one or more of their 5 major charities.

Or just ask one of them about their famous Expat Meet and Mix, a monthly get together at different restaurants to meet other expats like yourself.

Panama’s “American Society” slogan says it all:
“Americans and Friends United Abroad”

Board of Directors
Charlotte Pierce 6527-8906 Bill Mariano 6477-9178
Benny Flores 6445-2522 Boston Patterson 6706-8353
Eunice Greaves 6616-1896 Cedric Gittens 6612-5663
Marcia Henry 6672-1718 Charles Jorge 69364605
Thomas R. Lord 6720-9253 Dr. Wayne Samuels 232-0622
Hari Singh 6758-9854 Hector Tomlinson 6801-7377
Dr. Charles Garcia 6618-88 Dental Clinic – Ave.Balboa
Ryan D (Panama) Karnes, US Embassy Representative 317-5430
“Promises” Calle 74E San Francisco 270-7457
Coronado Beach area / Clemencia Watson Kelley 6682-1472
or contact
The American Society 6747-6762

And they are meeting to elect new candidates tonight! It’s not too late to head out to Fontanella Restaurant / The new Ramada Plaza, Ave. Israel & Calle’s 71E+72E San Francisco next to Hogar & Salud


















Panama’s “American Society” slogan says it all…

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