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Panama politics at Angel’s Restaurant near SpanishPanama

Panama politics at Angel’s Restaurant near SpanishPanama

Just 4 doors down from Spanish Panama school is Angel’s Restaurant, on Via Argentina, an elegant, upscale, Spanish restaurant where you can easily see Panama’s politicians and notables. Yesterday afternoon representatives from Panama’s newspapers and radio stations swarmed the area hoping to get at least some of the story from a “private” meeting of those hoping to someday replace or reduce the presidential powers of Panama’s President Ricardo Martinelli. Present at the big Anti-Martinelli table were Mercedes Arauz de Grimaldo & Ana Matilda Gomez (Attorney Generals), Giulia de Sanctis (leader of “Partido Popular”) , Maria Mena (General Confederation of Workers of Panama), Jose Blandon (Panamenista Party) , Samuel Lewis Navarro, Panama lawyer Ebrahim Asvat, Laurentino Cortizo, and ex Panama pólice chief Jaime Abad.

At the same restaurant same time yesterday (but at a nearby tables) we have members of the President’s own party, “Cambio Democratico”, and at another table we have reps. from the Catholic Church such as Archbishop Ulloa. Of course the media chewed up the exchange of words.


Everything is always colorful at Angel’s Restaurant; the fine dining meeting place for resolving Panama’s political problems!