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“The Panama News” publishes article on SpanishPanama

“The Panama News” publishes article on SpanishPanama

Thank you to the “Panama News” for the insightful article written on the SpanishPanama language school and how the most reliable “immigration trends” to Panama can be observed  just by meeting and getting to know the many Spanish language students that come to Panama City’s El Cangrejo and SpanishPanama to learn Spanish. Joseph Ennis is the born in Newfoundland Spanish school Director and through him and his staff at SpanishPanama there are some interesting things to be learned about why immigrants from different countries come here in the first place.



Surprisingly a high proportion of U.S. students come from Florida  for Spanish courses, and not only Canada and the United States but from every corner of the globe…and for lots of different motives. This Spanish school can track not only the immigrants from non-Hispanic countries: Since the advent of its English and Portuguese courses in Panama City the new teachers in this growing language school are greeting not just Panamanians but the numerous newly arriving immigrants of Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and Spain.

The Portuguese and English classes for Latinos are similar to the Spanish classes for foreigners here, very personalized with hugh emphasis on a student’s individual learning needs.

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“The Panama News” publishes article on SpanishPanama

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