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Moon Publications praise Spanish Panama




Moon Publications praise Spanish Panama

Moon Publications, well renowned trustworthy guide for the educated and selective, have high praise for Spanish Panama, the Spanish language school in Panama City. Moon published the following for those interested in the complete Panama experience:””

In the heart of Panama, in the well-populated neighborhood of El Cangrejo, lies a small, friendly, trustworthy Spanish Language school, offering a down-to-earth experience for those wishing to learn Spanish. Spanish Panama ( has been around since 2000 and is celebrated by its clientele for its flexibility in designing courses that fit your learning style or lifestyle needs.

The teachers are native Spanish-speaking professionals who specialize in one-to-one classes or small groups, but both offer total immersion experience.

The director is a Canadian-born national who understands that expats need to immerse both culturally and socially. He has established a network of resources for his clients who might be moving to Panama, including real estate contacts and travel information around Panama. The school also hosts social outings to great city restaurants, salsa classes, and other leisure activities. The program offers homestay options and customized experiences catering to your exact Spanish-language needs.

Spanish Panama is a wonderful meeting center for expats or transit students.

by Miriam Butterman, Moon Pub.































Moon Publications praise Spanish Panama Spanish immersion school