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Panam City’s Metropolitan Park

Panama City’s Metropolitan Park and “things to do” Spanish students

Metropolitan Park and "things to do" Spanish students

If you are in Panama City for a short time, but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see the rainforest, you NEED to visit Panama City’s Metropolitan Park. It’s just one of the many things we recommend to our Students studying Spanish, in our 60 Things to See and Do in Panama

Metropolitan Park, or “Parque Metropolitano” in Spanish, is near Albrook Mall. From Spanish Panama Language School you can reach there by taking the metro and going to Albrook, and then a taxi will drive you there for 2.50$. Or you can take a bus (it has to say DIRECTO on it), get off on the first bus stop and the walk 3 or 5 minutes. You won’t get lost!

Metropolitan Park and "things to do" Spanish students

Metropolitan Park and “things to do” Spanish students

At this park, you can see a big variety of animals like Titi monkey, sloth bears, toucan rainbow peak, tapir and more. The main activity of this park is trekking, you can gather a group of friends, or easily go alone, and with a guide or not, go over the whole park within 2 hours.

Metropolitan Park and “things to do” for Spanish students

“Parque Metropolitano” also has a butterfly garden. Did you know that Panama has over 250,000 species of butterflies & moths?
Volunteering in Panama: If you have some extra time, plan to stay a little longer and have the desire to do something fun and #greenish, you can register as a volunteer for the park in activities such as taking good care of the plants, litter control, and and ask the staff supervisors what more you can do.
This Park not only contains the beauty of nature, but part of the fascinating history of Panama. In the colonial era, the park used to be a main pathway for the very long caravans for the South American gold and silver trade.

Metropolitan Park and "things to do" Spanish students