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Medical Spanish

Spanish for Health Care Professionals at SPANISHPANAMA: A note of appreciation from a Doctor learning Spanish

Hello Joseph and teachers at Spanish Panama !

I believe you are doing fine. I am at my busy work in Toronto. However, I find time

to travel from time to time. Since My last visit to Panama, I managed to go to Sri

Lanka, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona and Tenerife Island) and had a very good time.

Thank you very much for your help during my short visit to Panama and arranging

Introductory Spanish lessons for me. Your new program designed for Spanish for

Health Care Professionals seems interesting. I believe that health care

professionals from Canada/US can incorporate this to their Continuing Medical

Education as it involves visiting hospitals, meeting health care providers in Panama

and better understanding Latin culture and customs as well. This would be a great

opportunity for them to have this program during their visits to Panama.

I would pass this information to my colleagues as well.

Thanks again, Keep in touch.


Anurad R. Cooray MD, CCFP (Canada)

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