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Learning Business Spanish – Certification options

Effective communication is of great importance in every business environment and learning Spanish for business is one way to close the gap between your native language and Spanish speaking professionals. Completing a business Spanish certificate opens you up to doors of so many opportunities.

First, with a Spanish business certificate, which can be completed in less than six months, you can greatly improve your professional proficiency in Spanish and gain cultural knowledge of how to conduct business in Spanish.

Secondly, you can also learn how to communicate effectively through telephone, Skype, face to face interview, and create professional presentations that are tailored to your career.

Thirdly, Business Spanish Certificate courses offered at the Spanish Panama Language School are scheduled for flexibility and personalized learning. They are designed to give you the necessary language skills needed to conduct business in Spanish speaking countries and other Hispanic organizations. You will also learn the etiquettes that are specific to Spanish business culture.

Furthermore, learning Spanish makes you an incredible asset in the workplace. You get to represent your company in different countries. Speaking at conferences, training, workshops, meeting with business partners, travelling internationally and virtually, becomes the new face of your organization.

In addition, earning a business Spanish certificate improves your professional marketability. This is because being fluent in foreign languages opens you up to more jobs opportunities. Business professionals who are fluent in Spanish do not only work as entrepreneurs; they are also employed as interpreters for large organizations who have no Spanish speaking staff.

Report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), show that Spanish translators are in high demand due to the expansion of the global economy and the larger increase in populations of Spanish speaking communities. Therefore a Spanish business certificate is an excellent way to acquire the skills that you need to compete in today’s global workforce.

Finally, the best place to earn a certificate in business Spanish is at the Spanish Panama Language School. With over 16 high trained Spanish teachers, you should be an expert in business Spanish just within few months of enrolment.

Spanish Panama Language School teachers can also be sent to your business or corporate office if you would like to organize mass training for your employees. Business Spanish Certificate courses can also be taken at any of our training centres located in Via Argentina, El Cangrejo, at your office, or even in your hotel or home in Panama City, Panama.

We recommend that you have at least an Intermediate Spanish level of proficiency in order to do these business courses. Otherwise, you may enroll in the standard Basic and Lower Intermediate courses also offered at Spanish Panama Language School. The Spanish teachers and staff will assess your Spanish level before the courses begin.

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