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Learn Spanish Online Classes in Panama

Learn Spanish Online Classes in Panama

When Spanish Panama Language School opened its doors throughout its first year of operations in 2002 there were very dire predictions about our future as a language school. First, as we were actually a pioneer for the very idea of establishing Spanish schools in Panama, it was said others would copy and we would be swamped with competitors within 5 years. Secondly, the computer age would kick in and it was said that we would not be able to compete with Spanish online courses for learning the language. Many big international online learning programs and online Spanish classes took turns dominating the global market and many soon faded away to be replaced by claims of even better ones, etc..

The first fear was easily debunked as what we did was simply focus our efforts and time on the quality of teachers and quality of instruction. The newly arrived competitors seemed to be more like tourist companies in disguise offering tour packages as any other tour company would do. As our clients took most seriously the need to really learn Spanish in Panama for survival reasons we had to remain focused on the best quality of instruction and teachers always. We received retirees on the “jubilado” visa who due to age were worried about their abilities to adapt to the new language and culture, international business people who had to improve for economic reasons, embassy counsels and officials who had to learn Spanish for essential diplomatic reasons, and newly arrived American, Canadian, and European entrepreneurs who needed Spanish to open businesses or buy real estate here and could not afford to make mistakes with language. We also received many professional teachers, linguists, and even established authors and Havard researchers, etc from other countries, as well as European polyglots especially from countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark who could already speak grammatically correct in 5 languages. For these types of highly demanding clients, we had to adapt quickly from 2002 and be on our game to satisfy their need for great quality over the years.

Learn Spanish Online Classes with the best of both worlds at Spanish  Panama Language School

Learn Spanish Online Classes in Panama with the best of both worlds at Spanish Panama Language School

We have always received students who come to us from other Spanish schools who often went to those in the beginning to save a  buck but later only to find they are confused as the language was not taught properly in the first place. This is easy to understand why as when we receive new teacher applications the first thing we do is give them a grammar test and most that come from other places or institutions actually fail so, unfortunately, we cannot hire them.

With all the availability of online Spanish courses, we maintained a special advantage with our administration and over-site of our own teachers who we come to know personally and professionally. We understand that this kind of personalized oversight is an advantage that computers do not have.

We have also emphasized something very important as to why computers are not “yet” ready to replace humans, and may never do so. Computers can only “pretend” to have but do not have empathy or compassion so do not have the ability to understand human concerns and doubts and do not know how to look into someone’s eyes and motivate the other and make the other feel comfortable and positive about their own progress. Real language learning comes not only mechanically but also through feeling and cultural gestures and context. As this human part is the online teaching weakness we focus on mature adult teachers who are high in empathy and have these qualities.

We receive numerous Spanish students who have tried online classes and special computer programs and they are sometimes satisfied but only up to a point. Frustration sets in and they seek real teachers.

The most personalized and professional Spanish learning experience in Panama

The most personalized and professional Spanish learning experience in Panama

As a result of the online class era, we did take the decision to also offer online classes via Skype to our students both before they arrive in Panama and after they leave us at Spanish Panama Language School. So we do combine the best of both worlds. 

Spanish Panama Language School has over 1000 excellent reviews from students since December of 2001. And our guarantee is to maintain this promise for each new student who enjoys our facilities, service, and teachers in Panama’s most convenient neighborhood. 

Welcome to Spanish Panama Language School.

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The most personalized and professional Spanish learning experience in Panama

Personalized and professional. Young entrepreneurs to Panama learning Spanish at Spanish Panama Language School. 

Learn Spanish Online Classes in Panama