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Learn Spanish or English with online classes from Panama’s School


Learn Spanish or English with online classes from Panama’s School

Spanish Panama Language School has a 19-year successful record of offering high-quality language courses in Panama.

Canadian Joseph Ennis from Newfoundland opened the school in December 2001. He had been teaching English in Costa Rica and was just visiting Panama on vacation when  

…he fell in love with Panama. The Panama Canal had just been handed over to Panama, and there was a spirit of optimism and adventurism and new opportunities.

There was such demand for the newly arriving ex-pats from Canada, the United States, and Europe to learn Spanish he started the first Spanish school in Panama for the ex-pats, teaching Spanish to the many monolingual retirees and immigrant entrepreneurs, visiting Panama from abroad. Like him, many were coming to just check it out, and quite a few decided to stay. 

The school became successful in only its second month of operations, an unusual feat for a start-up business, and even more unusual for a foreigner in a very culturally different kind of land.

Years later, Joseph met his beautiful Panamanian wife, and together they had 2 beautiful daughters.

The school expanded and went to a new beautiful location on Via Argentina, creating a fun and professional learning environment, just the way a school should be, comfortable for people from all walks of life, and for people who want to learn in privacy as well as for the outgoing ones who want to meet others from all over the world.

English programs were added which took on similar characteristics as the Spanish programs, with one on one classes (1-1) and small group. The English courses cater to Panamanians and mostly Latino and Asian clients who want to learn English in Panama.

Both the English and Spanish students are mostly career-oriented adults though there are also younger students. Classes are taught to corporate and government and embassy leaders, as well as retirees and tourists in Panama.

Spanish Panama Language School had been offering some online classes but most classes were held at their home location in El Cangrejo as well as in the many corporate offices, banks, embassies, and NGOs around Panama City.

It is ironic that many of the students who frequented the school had tried online learning and some were relatively successful BUT only for a while. Many had simply become frustrated with their computer learning and the impersonal nature of the classes that lacked authenticity. Spanish Panama quickly learned the advantages of their much more personal, motivating, and emphatic teaching styles with real teachers and became very proficient at it, being extremely sensitive to the frustrations and demotivating feelings of failure of the online learner. 

“Learning the way a School should be” at Spanish Panama Language School

As the terrible Covid-19 Pandemic hit Panama in March 2020 all classes were forced online due to the enforced quarantine in Panama. Instead of giving up on the plague, the numerous teachers took this prior experience of dealing face to face with the frustrated computer learners right to their online classes with them, making the students feel that they were learning with real teachers.

They achieved their goals of making the students feel like they are right there in the classroom, or home, with them. Spanish Panama, staff, and teachers are well aware of the disadvantages as well as the positive points of online learning and so are able to better understand the needs of their virtual students.

Today Spanish Panama Language School is proud to be chosen as the go-to place for learning a second language, online or at your business office, hotel, home, or on location at the school. Joseph and staff enjoy giving high-quality service and today Spanish Panama Language School enjoys 19 years of amazing ratings both from its earlier handwritten guestbooks to its online school reviews.

Joseph also enjoys his private conversations with students talking about the good things about Panama as well as the difficulties, and of course talking so much about his beautiful daughters.


The Spanish and English online classes are given in packages of 20 or 50 hours. Scheduling is flexible and similar to the 50-hour FLEX package of Spanish Panama Language School. There is a language evaluation, a 24-hour cancellation policy by messaging and calling, and a one-year expiry date from the start of classes. The administration and staff do everything they can to work around your busy schedule and continuously do quality control checks to make sure your classes are exactly what you were hoping for.



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