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Is Panama City, Panama, “gay friendly” ?


Is Panama City, Panama, “gay friendly” ?

Looking down from the balcony terrace of SpanishPanama we noticed the 7th annual gay parade passing down Via Argentina for a short gathering and speeches at El Cangrejo Park half a block away. The theme talk was the same as usual in any gay and lesbian parade held in most cosmopolitan cities of the world today: human civilization’s best chances for survival in the very long run lie in understanding, compassion, and tolerance.

Is Panama City, Panama, “gay friendly” ? As in most modern cities gays need to be street smart and will find plenty of places and people to avoid. But the central areas of Panama City and, in particular, the El Cangrejo area is particularly open and lesbian and gay couples are seen showing affection from time to time. As in most cities a gay or lesbian tourist is smart to read ahead a bit and talk to others about popular hangouts in El Cangrejo and surrounding neighborhoods.

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