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Is it safe to learn Spanish in Panama?

Is it safe to learn Spanish in Panama? Whether you are checking up for crime-reported incidents, tourist-reported incidents, police corruption, and big-city crimes; you will find out that Panama is one of the safest cities to live and study Spanish in Latin America.

In Panama, random violence as you see in many American cities is unheard of; there is a visible police presence in the city, and crimes against foreigners are severely dealt with. The police in Panama’s tourist areas are fairly reliable and dependable. To keep the city safe, the country is trying to grow its middle class and create new ways of reducing poverty.

The country has tremendous racial mixture. Panama is a land of opportunities, and the presence of international communities can be felt here.

Is it safe to study Spanish in Panama city? Absolutely. However, saying that Panama is safe does not mean that the city is entirely free from crime. The fact remains that no city is entirely free from crime all over the globe. However, it is easy to keep yourself away from becoming the target for a crime in Panama.

Big cities like Panama usually have good and bad areas. And that is why in Panama you will find out that most houses have metal grills over the window which looks decorative, but they are made to prevent a break-in. In addition, many Panamanian families have at least one dog that barks at potential intruders.

Although in Panama public transport system is safe, you must be careful while boarding the buses and at bus stops due to the presence of pickpockets and petty thieves. As a visitor, it is very important that you remain vigilant when walking on the street. Be careful when using the ATM, keep your valuables safe and ensure you don’t flash them on the street.

Panama is safe from natural disaster like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Also violent crimes are less common on the street of Panama.

Tips on how to stay safe while studying in Panama while studying Spanish

  • Be smart: Avoid unsafe areas or carrying your valuables on the street
  • Ask the staff at the school or your hotel where you are staying about the hot spots to avoid and stay in places that are populated.
  • Be careful when using the ATM machine and keep valuables safe.
  • Get police reports if you do become a crime victim as this is very important when filing for an insurance claim.

Finally, apart from the petty crimes that take place in Panama, Panama remains the safest place to visit and study Spanish in Latin America. You will also find a lot of Panamanians who are friendly and welcoming; therefore the best way to stay safe in Panama is to do as the Panamanians do and blend easily with them.
You can choose a Spanish school that provides extra security for all students like the Spanish Panama Language School which treats the security of all students as important by providing a driver who is available 24 hours daily to take you around the town whenever you would like to go sightseeing. You’ll be happy to know that the school is also located in one of the safest places in the city where restaurants and cafes open all hours of the night and there are many tourist police so it is very safe to walk late at night.

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