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Becoming Fluent in Spanish – My favorite place for Spanish classes


Becoming fluent in Spanish is not easy, and staying in the classroom doesn’t always help. For becoming fluent in Spanish, my favorite school is El Cangrejo.

I consider El Cangrejo to be the Spanish school “laboratory” for practicing Spanish at SpanishPanama.

My favorite place to give Spanish classes

via argentina canopyvia argentia from balcony

is in the El Cangrejo neighborhood itself.  Yes, El Cangrejo has the best combination of places for students to learn Spanish depending on his/her Spanish level and interests.

If he/she is a beginner student he can walk around the streets following the instructions given by his teacher to find places by asking other people how to get around and get there. This permits the student to become more independant by finding directions, and understand the Panamanian language and colloquial expressions.

Many Spanish books teach the student to find addresses and places of interest in a very formal way. The truth is that hardly anybody really talks about addresses in this “standardized form”, so this is a very fruitful activity for Spanish students.

For this activity I always select interesting places keeping in mind what the student feels is important or interesting to know, such as a medical center, an ATM machine, an international calling center or place to get telephone access to make calls to home, or a delicious bakery, or seafood restaurant. Finally, I like to include a place of significant touristic interest as this is a good way to close off the activity.

El mejor lugar para dar clases en el Cangrejo. Mi lugar favorito para dar clases en el Cangrejo es el Cangrejo. Sí, todo lo que él representa con la combinación de sus lugares y dependiendo del nivel y los intereses del estudiante.

place for churros

Lo mejor lugar en panamá para comer “un churro”, Restaurante Manolo es una cuadra de la escuela de español, SpanishPanama school. Teaching students how to find the best place for “churros” in Panama….and learn what a “churro” is….delicious!- delicioso!” 

Si es un estudiante principiante salir a recorrer las calles siguiendo las instrucciones dadas por el profesor para localizar lugares y luego preguntando a otras personas dónde encontrar un lugar específico lo cual permitirá al estudiante experimentar cómo localizar una dirección entendiendo el lenguaje panameño y coloquial.

Los libros de español enseñan a localizar direcciones de forma muy formal y la verdad nadie o casi nadie da direcciones de esa forma, al final será una actividad muy nutritiva para el estudiante. Para esta actividad suelo seleccionar lugares interesantes o de interés para el estudiante, un centro médico, un cajero automático, un centro de llamadas internacionales y finalizar con un lugar de interés turístico significativo que me permita hacer un buen cierre de la actividad.

by Spanish teacher, Virginia

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My favorite place for Spanish classes

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