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Experience a real zoo in Colon


Experience a real zoo in Colon

This little monkey is George!


“My name is George. I like this zoo but I’m still afraid of people because of what they did to me before I got here”

Most zoo’s that one may visit in the world seem like inhumane habitats of an over-proven “conquest” of nature. Zoos seem deliberately designed to teach children a disrespect for animals by feeding them the wrong food (or not enough food), with grossly boring living conditions, undersized cages or enclosures, not enough space. The animals that once roamed free are captives only for their viewing pleasure and in many cases, the entrance fee seems to pay for the teasing and taunting done by visitors.

Experience a real zoo in Colon….

Safaricks Zoo, Colon, Panama


Safaricks Zoo in Colon is a re-freshing and amazing change. Safaricks makes one re-think the whole idea of what a zoo ought to be.  All of the animals  seem to be special guests rather than captives. Each one was taken away from former “owners” who abused them, or were poorly malnourished or injured, or who would have died off anyway due to man’s deforestation of the Darien jungle. As soon as these animals re-cover they are released back to their natural hábitat. They are given real space and correct food and clean water. They come into the zoo injured, dying, malnourised, and they leave healthy. Most importantly, the zoo guides are knowledgeble and love animals.


The biggest difference you’ll notice at Safaricks is the reverence you’ll see on the faces of the children visiting there. Kids leave with an enlightened view of a respect for nature and love for animals. Safaricks Zoo is a learning experience. Six STARS! If only every zoo adopted this philosophy…

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Experience a real zoo in Colon

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