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Canadian educational opportunities in Panama and abroad

Canadian educational opportunities in Panama and abroad

Canadian Ambassador Silvia Cesaratto with Spanishpanama’s Joseph Ennis

The Canadian Embassy of Panama and the Panama Canada Chamber of Commerce (Pan-Can) held a luncheon on March 12 to discuss opportunies for Panamanians to study abroad in Canada and Canadians to study abroad in Panama. The event was held at the International Hotel School of Panama located in the Holiday Inn in the “City of Knowledge” (“Ciudad de Saber”).

Jaqueline Alquiler (photo rt.), the Canadian government’s Regional Education Officer for the Americas at the International Education and Youth Division, offered strategic advice and guidance in the area of academic relations and education promotion.

In attendance were representatives from George Brown College, Florida State University, Spanish Panama, St. Clair, and Centennial College which all have locations in Panama City.

Jaqueline Alquiler spoke about the opening and educational opportunities for Panamanians offered by George Brown College in Panama.

Joseph Ennis, also from Canada, spoke about the diversity and motivations of students from Canada, United States and about 60 other countries who come to Panama City to learn Spanish at Spanishpanama.                                                                                                                                             Joseph Dzvizer spoke about the long history and role of Florida State University in Panama.