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Area of Spanish Panama, “Cabeza Einstein”, growing as major hotel zone


Area of Spanish Panama, “Cabeza Einstein”, growing as major hotel zone

The Bohemian and cozy area of Spanish Panama is still growing as major hotel zone with “The Saba Hotel”  (“boutique hotel” just 4 doors down from Spanish Panama on Via Argentina, right across the road from the friendly neighborhood park “Parque Andres Bella” with its Bamboo Cafe 507 201 6100, about $140.00 a night), and Via Argentina’s Grand Hotel International (directly across the road from the Spanish school, and features clothing stores and restaurant and lounge and is about $90.00 a night).

Ask for Cabeza Einstein (Albert Einstein’s white head statue), Via Argentina, and you will see the hotels down around the corner and our big banner “LEARN SPANISH” HERE

Spanish Panama offers its own partner guesthouses for students studying Spanish in Panama (about $350.00 a week) and the school and guesthouses are also located in  the friendliest expat and Panamanian and Latino neighborhood in Panama City. Spanish Panama school is within walking distance of about 20 of the most major hotels in the country. This is the place of all your major conveniences in Panama and the best place as a base to explore the city and the country. Another 5 hotels are to be finished within 6 months, also within a 10 minute walking distance of your Spanish classes.

One Suggestion: Learn Spanish in the morning, enjoy your touring in the afternoons, and spend evenings at the many cafes, retaurants, and numerous other activities closeby.