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4 Business Spanish Phrases You Must Learn

Business spanish phrases are an important building block for international business owners. With over 548 million people speaking Spanish all over the globe, Spanish is a must-learn language for everyone working in the business world. This is because navigating the business world can be quite complicated due to the number of clients and companies which expands across different language.

Whether you are in the process of learning business Spanish or you have planning to enrol at the Spanish Panama Language School, here are 4 business Spanish phrases you must learn. These phrases include vocabulary terms used in business, on the phone, and in business correspondence.

  • Cuentas por pagar (accounts payable): Cuentas por pagar is used to refer to account payable in an organization while the word Cuenta refers to a bank account. This phrase is of great importance because all businesses make use of different accounts. However, you must be careful not to confuse (Cuenta) account with (Cuenta) bill. To figure out the meaning of the word, simply pay attention to the context where it is used.
  • Flujo de efectivo (Cash flow): Cash flow is a monthly description of how money moves in an organization. It is an important phrase because it helps an organization company look into their earnings, future projections, expenses, and make room for improvement. If you are active in the business world and own a company, you will care about this word.
  • Necesito ayuda, por favor. (Please, I need help): As a business owner, most times, you may need help from people, and that is where this word comes to play. This is because knowing how to ask for a favour politely is very important for every business.
  • Enviar un correo electrónico. (Send an email.) Most communication that takes place in the business world happens online. Enviar un correo electrónico is the right way to say “send an email”. To sound like a native Spanish speaker just say; “Enviar un correo”.

Finally, these phrases are a must-learn for anyone in the business world. One of the best schools to learn more business Spanish phrases is at the Spanish Panama Language School located in Panama City and right in the heart of Via Argentina, it’s best street. The school has highly qualified teachers who are ready to impact the best knowledge needed to excel in the business world to you.

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