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#1 “things to do in Panama”: Learn Spanish!

#1 “things to do in Panama”: Learn Spanish!

Atvar and Anjay, two men from India, have lived in Canada for many years. They have just arrived from Canada to Panama to pursue their dream of opening an Indian cuisine restaurant in Panama City. This will be the first of its kind in El Cangrejo, and it will be right on Via Argentina next to the new Metro Building 2 doors up from Via España. Location! Location!

They are also very very smart because the first thing they did after they got off the plane and out of immigration is enroll in a Spanish school (SpanishPanama). They wisely know that learning Spanish is a must for any foreign businessman coming to Panama.

Many newcomers to Panama “put-off” learning the Panamanian language and, years later, live to regret it. They realize, sometimes too late, that learning Spanish in Panama is essential for getting more respect, as well as and knowledge of the culture. Here is Atvar and Anjay with their teacher and Spanish student, Christoper at SpanishPanama school on Via Argentina.

Look for “AVATAR” Indian food next month, as soon as you turn on to Via Argentina from Via España. WE ALL wish Atvar and Anjay great success with their dreams coming true in Panama City, Panama​.


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#1 “things to do in Panama”: Learn Spanish!

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