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Spanish School Reviews

Spanish School Reviews

Spanish school reviews of Spanish Panama

Spanish school reviews of Spanish Panama

Spanish students in social cafe area

Spanish students in social cafe area


Spanish Panama is one of the most reviewed Spanish schools in Latin America. There are almost one thousand reviews on hand-written guestbooks that you are welcome to see upon arrival at the school. Nowadays our students use computers rather than writing in the guestbooks. How everything is changing! Former students are now writing reviews on their blogs and on the many online review and school testimonial services that are available.

Below are just some of the testimonials that you may also find on the internet.

Spanish Panama is very open to feedback. We hope and are very confident you will love your stay at our school but if there is any concern, whatsoever, it is important that you let us know immediately so that we can take corrective measures. We will do everything possible to make you comfortable. We want you to enjoy your Spanish classes and your stay in our beautiful country. And we hope that your progress in your business and career.

Spanish Panama Spanish school tucan logo

Spanish Panama Spanish school tucan logo

A wonderful experience”

Reviewed 5 days ago NEW

I am currently in my third week of Spanish lessons at this school. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience! The instruction is very flexible and the teachers are willing to accommodate whatever your needs are. Everyone who works there makes you feel very welcome. For me it is a very very fun experience, and I look forward to attending each day. In the middle of our lessons we often end up laughing hysterically about something or another. It is wonderful to be able to learn a foreign language, the culture of the different teachers (as many are from other countries besides Panama), and make good friends all at the same time. I love it!

Highest rated Spanish school in Panama since 2002: Spanish Panama on Via Argentina in Cangrejo

Highest rated Spanish school in Panama since 2002: Spanish Panama on Via Argentina in Cangrejo Tel: 213-3121 “Spanish School Reviews”


from federal way;

“This Language School Will Enhance Your Panama Stay”

Reviewed 1 week ago

I made last minute plans to go to Panama and wanted to take some Spanish classes. The school worked with me and my plans. My plane arrived late for morning classes, they gave me an afternoon class. Christmas was on one of the days, they scheduled me an extra class in the afternoon. I didn’t realize the excursion was on the weekend, they scheduled me an afternoon excursion. The teachers were excellent and the location easy to get to. The rooms were comfortable and everyone was very nice. You will like this school experience. I wish I could have studied longer. Many restaurants were close by as was the metro and bus salida. I was able to walk from my hotel.


I know a good school and this is one!”

Reviewed 2 weeks ago

A teacher and academic, I am very clear about what I want when it comes to learning. And so I had to write this review to recognize this excellent school. My experience was possible because of the teachers, Jaime and Danae.

In the beginning, I was assigned a teacher who was excellent with grammar, but her style wasn’t what I was looking forward to. I raised this with the director, Joseph, and he was understanding and accommodating. He emphasized that the program had different teachers who used different teaching methods and he offered me the options of continuing my private study with two other teachers. (I don’t like to study in groups, and so I paid for private classes)

During my entire stay at the school, Joseph, the office staff, and administrators had frequent conversations with me and tried to make me comfortable. The entire team there was amazing! But my favorite persons were Jaime and Danae. These teachers certainly represented the sort of learning structure I was looking forward to. That is, they were very clear about how the classes were going to move forward, and what I should expect. Equally, they were opened to hearing what themes I needed to focus on. Their teaching methodologies were filled with energy. And we shared the same passion for history, culture, arts, and languages. Frankly, they gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could learn this language if I feel comfortable and do the work.

In the first class, for instance, Jaime and I discussed the history of Panama. Jaime’s teaching structure introduced me to language learning by focusing on conversation and themes that I am passionate about. While my Spanish grammar is far from perfect, Jaime nonetheless made me feel like I was making sense. Indeed, he corrected me a lot, but it was done in moderation that reminded me to keep learning while giving me confidence. As well, the entire discussion took place in Spanish. Now I feel so moved by the history of Panama that I have already begun reading a book he recommended.

In regards to Danae, at one point she and I visited Casco Viejo. That was a part of her teaching style—outdoor activities that facilitate language immersion. I was introduced to historical architectures and important details about Hispanic culture. There were moments we stopped on the street discussing Spanish grammar, and it felt so natural a way to learn Spanish. I really enjoyed her teaching style, one that I hadn’t anticipated. That is, her structure emphasizes Spanish learning and training by immersion—acquiring grammar, comprehension, and conversational skills by engaging varied processes, which mimic normal human interactions.

We even visited a Museum, and I heard her speak to the museum manager at her regular speaking pace. All of this was done in Spanish. I understood everything. We read Spanish literature together, and I understood everything except for one word, “orgullosamente.” And two persons we met along the way told me that my Spanish was good for being in Panama for only 6 weeks.

So without hesitation, I recommend this school, but be very clear from the beginning about how you learn so that they can make effective recommendations that fit your style. Now I know the big questions many of you are asking: will you become fluent in Spanish after taking the classes. The answer is–it depends. I am not fluent, because I didn’t study enough. I only spoke Spanish and read Spanish when I was at the school, because I was busy doing other stuff. But I deeply believe that if I had studied, I would have become fluent. So it all depends on you
Dad Me

Spanish school Panama City

Spanish school Panama City


Spanish School Reviews

On the the international review site called Teach Me we also find that some people have written in reviews of our school. Strange that the older reviews are posted first and the newer ones are at the end: Here are some of them:

This is my third time in Panama and third time studying Spanish at SpanishPanama, located right on Via Argentina in El Cangrejo right above Greenhouse Restaurant . Each time I am impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of my Spanish teachers and the flexibility of the staff to change programs and take into account my own input and learning weaknesses, as I admit to not being the smartest when it comes to learning foreign languages. I have just finished my entire Spanish immersion course in their new location just two blocks up from the old school on Via Argentina. The place is a superb work (and improvement) incorporating the green environment of El Cangrejo into the school’s design. I enjoyed my classes on site in the many coffee shops and stores that you can see from many of the classroom windows as well as in the school itself. This Spanish school has Super Large windows all around, sleek design, friendly, open learning environment, air conditioned, quieter classrooms, most of which have a great view of the major intersection near Cabeza Einstein on Via Argentina. Great day time place as well as nightlife spot, and near Panama’s best hotels and just down the road from my room at Hotel Las Vegas. The school has a large social area with balcony where you can see the active street life of Panama City and a view of about a dozen excellent eating establishments and coffee shops. Congratulations to teachers and staff (especially Joseph) of Spanish Panama for making this THE ideal place for corporations, retirees, or young people to learn Spanish in Central America

James:  Excelent and modern facilities. Wonderful teachers!

Evaluation from a visiting scientist from the Smithsonia Tropical Research Institute STRI from Gamboa Panama :
To learn Spanish at Spanish Panama school was the best choice I made to start to my Panama experience as a visiting scientist for the Smithsonian Institute. The staff at Spanish Panama school made everything real easy. They picked me up at the airport and took me to their partner hotel. The next day at 8:30 sharp I was bought on a tour of the Panaman Canal and the must see tour sites in Panama. I started my classes on Monday morning and from 0 beginners Spanish I went to a good intermediate level in the six weeks that I was student there. I took what I learned in my Spanish classes out on the street in this friendly neighbourhood. I had no trouble practicing Spanish with the “vecinos” around the language school. Even though I was in a modern area everyone was small town friendly. I could have eaten at a different international or local restaurant every evening but after a while found my favorites; Trapiches (Panamanian fare), New York Bagels, Manolos, Beijut (Arabic), Mestizos and The Argentinian Steakhouse, Macchu Pichu and La Mar (Peruvian), and Paella (Spanish), as well as Pomodoros and the Swiss Chalet. The chefs here are brilliant! In six weeks at Spanish Panama I got to know most of the teachers and all were courteous,and impressively professional. I learned to dance salsa classes offered by the school and made lots of friends with students and teachers. I always had the feeling that the teachers know exactly where I was at in my Spanish program and staff had no problem adjusting to my specific needs. Right I can’t say enough good about the school and how it has helped me adjust to Panama by doing nothing complicated- just good service. My favorite part of all was just drinking coffee on the huge balcony overlooking the action on Via Argentina and chatting about Panama with other students as they would come in and out on their coffee breaks. I would gladly recommend this language school for anyone coming to Panama City to study Spanish or just to get to know people.

After having a visit from a relative who we hadn’t seen in years, we were so impressed by his story of what happened in Panama a few years ago and the generosity that he received there I decided to write in and thank Panama. This to us was only thought of as a strange country, a Canal and jungle-that’s all, and we couldn’t really get why our uncle would want to go there and with his health deteriorated as it was. To make matters worse as he was in Panama he fell down on a busy street and became severely ill and he knew nobody in the country. Fortunately for him and for us, he was learning Spanish at a school (called Spanish Panama) on a street called Via Argentina (El Cangrejo) He was also staying at a partner hotel, an accommodation service offered by the same Spanish school . An elderly gentleman alone in a strange country and injured with no one to help him could be

Spanish Lessons at Spanish Panama language school:    I love this place! As someone who teaches English to Spanish speakers, I really enjoyed their teaching methods. Small class sizes, very energetic and knowledgeable teachers.
I learned a great deal about Central and South America from our conversations and other countries. I don’t know if language learning is ever ‘fun’, but you will get an excellent return on your investment!
I plan on returning in the Spring to take more advanced courses.
The staff was very responsive and helpful. They have managed to create a very unique and positive environment.
No complaints at all; for me, that is really something!


My time here has been an amazing and wonderful experience.  In just two weeks I noticed an improvement in my abilities.  I feel as if I will have learned more in a month than I did in two semesters in a crowded university classroom.  Every morning I wake up excited to go to class.  The teachers have been unbelievably helpful.  They truly care about my progress and push me to improve.  The homestay is also far more than I could have imagined.  It’s been so incredible that I don’t want to leave and hope to keep in contact with everyone if I cannot stay.

Mr. Ennis,
Could we please meet Monday to talk about what I can do in order to continue taking classes?  I’m far beyond pleased with everything and really don’t want to leave Spanish Panamá or Sra. Berta’s.  The other school needs a confirmation from me.  I would like to tell them I’m no longer interested and won’t be attending.  I hope you can find time to talk with me.  I will continue to have the same feelings about my time at Spanish Panamá regardless of what happens.  Thank you again, Mr. Ennis, for all you and your staff have done.


Fair prices and good quality throughout our long history since 2002:

Reviewed August 5, 2015

Had a brief but nice study opportunity here. I think the prices are reasonable and the quality solid: I got both good instruction and good advice on how to improve my (intermediate) Spanish language ability, which was not easy since they had to adapt to what I did and didn’t already know. I would (and may!) come here again


Best Learning Experience.”

Reviewed June 18, 2015

I attended SpanishPanama for a 4 week intensive course. I must say it was the best learning experience. After taking spanish in HS and some in college I still didn’t know how to communicate. This program really helped me and let me just say it is Intensive indeed. I’d most definitely do it again and/or longer.
I feel pretty confident in speaking now, it’s incredible how much I can communicate now as opposed to four short weeks ago. Motivates me to keep going and honing my skills to finally reach fluency. Highly Recommended.
Valeriya B


“A Beginner’s Dream”

Reviewed July 23, 2015

Learning a language is hard…or at least it is for me. But I was committed to a month house sit and travel in Panama and Costa Rica for 3 months, and it seemed like a good investment to take an immersion program first. It was a great decision, because I knew zero Spanish and was a true beginner.

I discovered Spanish Panama online and registered for a two-week Intensive program that met 4 hours a day. I was thrilled with the quality of teaching, individual attention, and overall program. It was relaxed and fun but also professional. I had three excellent teachers: Brigida, Isis Melba, and Gabriella, and they complemented each other. They were encouraging and patient with a true beginner, and I gained the confidence to take what I learned in the classroom out onto the street.

The instruction emphasized pronunciation, tenses, articles, and verbs, but always applied with the intent to use them in speaking. Although I have left the program, I am traveling throughout Panama and Costa Rica and am continuing to expand my vocabulary and speaking skills, referring to my class manual when needed.

Highly recommended.

Trip Advisor Member


“Best Learning Experience.”

Reviewed June 18, 2015

I attended SpanishPanama for a 4 week intensive course. I must say it was the best learning experience. After taking spanish in HS and some in college I still didn’t know how to communicate. This program really helped me and let me just say it is Intensive indeed. I’d most definitely do it again and/or longer.
I feel pretty confident in speaking now, it’s incredible how much I can communicate now as opposed to four short weeks ago. Motivates me to keep going and honing my skills to finally reach fluency. Highly Recommended.
Caen, France


Spanish Panama – Excelente”

Reviewed June 15, 2015

I was extreamly impressed with the freindly atmosphere and family like method of teaching. I felt right at home, big smiles and many freindly greetings, from staff and students alike. My professor was professional and well versed. I recomend to anyone wanting a first class school to join them for good conversation.


South Florida, Florida


“Very satisfied student”

Reviewed May 27, 2015

I am very satisfied with my course in Spanish Panama. I am already visiting the course two and half months and my Spanish skills have improved significantly – from not speaking at all to be able to have fluent conversation with natives. The teachers are always kind and smiling and in general there is very positive atmosphere. I like the way Spanish is taught there and I find it very practical for day to day life use. I fully recommend for everybody who would like to learn Spanish effectively

“Learning either Spanish or English this place has something special.”

Reviewed March 31, 2015

It’s a place to learn Spanish or English, they teach you in a few hours this kind of survival Spanish, how to move around the city, how to interact with locals, what I really love about this place is the coffee break, teachers from Chile, Colombia, Panama, USA, Canada, and so on, students from different countries, colors, cultures… I think when you share with so many different people you start not only learning a language but also learning about people!

Carlos Linero,

Bogota, Colombia


Good experience and learned a lot!”

Reviewed March 10, 2015

We had a good experience with the lessons in this Spanish school. We did a 50 hours course, which is recommended when you really want to learn something. We had one main teacher, who was good, patient and clear. Sometimes we had other teachers as well, which was good for the variation. The facilities are not very new and modern, but good enough for the lessons. Make sure that when you start a course, you know what you want to accomplish and agree on how you want to structure your lessons and the workload you want to have
Jasper W

Panama City

Great experience”

Reviewed March 2, 2015

I had a great experience and opportunity to improve my Spanish while taking courses at Spanish Panama. My teacher, Danae, was the best Spanish teacher I could have had and another teacher Giselle as well. Danae was very friendly, open to conversation, professional and she understood how to teach myself as well as other students at different levels.

Spanish Panama management is also very good. They allowed me the flexibility to pick my schedule and make changes where need be. They also allowed me to take classes with my preferred teachers. Everything was very professional and affordable. I recommended Spanish Panama to three of my friends who joined me in Panama, and they don’t regret it !


Excellent School”

Reviewed February 20, 2015

I have been satisfied on all fronts. The staff and teachers have been friendly. The location is convenient. The facility and methods are great too. All around a great experience



Atlanta, Georgia



Reviewed February 18, 2015

My experience at the Spanish Panama School was excellent! I would highly recommend this school for anyone living in Panama or just visiting. They have options available for every level of Spanish and you can study with a group of students or one-on-one with a teacher. The staff are professional, friendly and very helpful. Studying here significantly improved my Spanish skills. The school is also located on Via Argentina which is a great street to walk around. There are many shops, cafes & restaurants. Hands down, if you want to study Spanish in Panama, this is the place!


Highly recommend”


My time at Spanish Panama was fabulous. Classes are high quality and the teachers are great. The location is really handy, as the school is in a great neighborhood, close to lots of restaurants and hotels. Excellent value for money. Highly recommend.
Becky L

Panama City, Panama


Good school great location”

Reviewed March 3, 2013

Good school, you get what you put into it,
I only took 3 classes to see if I would like,
Would recommend Clara from Spain she kept class interesting and saw what I needed to work on.
School is located in great part of city. I would recommend taking a class or two before committing and make sure you get paired with an instructor you like and can learn from, the more classes you take the cheaper the price. They have very affordable group prices also.

Pete S

New York



Hola mi maestra!”

Reviewed December 8, 2012

I think I said hello teacher. Spent 4 or 5 hours with one on one instruction. Friendly and fun, and conversational, Well worth the time. Helped my confidence. Will take more lessons when I return.

Ron E



“The best!”

Reviewed November 30, 2012

Although the school is a little hard to find it is worth the effort. It is very reasonably priced and very flexible. You can attned as many(or few) days as you want and have lessons for between 2-4 hours per day. The classes are very small(at most 4 students per teacher). They also have immersion programs where you can live with a Spanish speaking family although I did not take that option.

Basel, Switzerland


We all liked our teachers”

Reviewed September 14, 2012

My mother, husband, two children and myself were in Panama City for two weeks. We signed up for two-hour tutoring at Spanish Panama for that time. The adults each had their own one-on-one tutor (we were at very different levels of Spanish) and my children were together with another tutor. All of us liked our teachers and looked forward to our classes. The children’s teacher had great activities that they enjoyed. Sometimes we had homework, though most days we did not. (Except for my mother, who seemed to get a lot of homework each day–but she was a motivated student, too.) The teachers were chalk full of information about what restaurants to go to, what sights to see, when to see them, when to avoid them, etc. The staff was all very friendly, and we were sad to leave the school when our two weeks were up.

The school is in the El Cangrejo neighborhood, and we always enjoyed our lunch in different restaurants that were within walking distance. El Cangrejo was somewhat centrally located in the city, so it was a good starting-off point for our afternoon excursions.

Wilmington, Delaware


Good instruction at the right price”

Reviewed June 2, 2011

WOW I was there at the same time and I was impressed by the way the staff dealt professionally with the matter….my lessons carried on and there was hardly any disruption even though a freak storm had caused the walls of the city’s main reservoir to break. Nice enviro…friendly (attractive) teachers. Do the new ecotour -95.00!



Los Angeles, California



Made the trip complete”

Reviewed April 6, 2011

I found them to be very helpful and experienced. As a novice my spanish skills improved greatly with their intense instructions.

Additionally with their extracurricular excursions, I gained a deeper understanding of Panama than I ever would have gained as a tourist



“Corso one to one”


La mia esperienza con “Spanish Panama” è stata molto divertente e istruttiva. I professori sono competenti e quindi nell’arco di una lezione il confronto è molto interessante e soddisfacente. Per i madrelingua italiana devo precisare che questa scuola parte da un punto di vista di madrelingua inglese quindi è necessario fare il test iniziale in modo che sia chiaro ai professori quali difficoltà reali un italiano può incontrare e sarebbe utile sapere un pò d’inglese


Treia, Italy




Spanish Panama Spanish classes were our favorite thing to do in Panama City”

Reviewed February 26, 2011

The Spanish Panama spanish school was a smart stop! While traveling in Latin America we went to several different Spanish schools. We can´t honestly pick a favorite country but the best quality professional Spanish instruction and staff were found at Spanish Panama on Via Argentina in Panama City, Panama. The diversity of skilled instructors made it a complete Spanish experience each one adding something to our language training. We only regret not having come to Panama first as this would have made the rest of our travels a lot easier, communicating with locals, getting around, etc.
Tip- if staying in Panama City ask at the school for their partner guesthouses or efficiency suites in their neighborhood of El Cangrejo as from here everything you need is easily accessible within walking distance. When taking classes get there on Monday for their welcome walk around the area.

Panama City, Panama


“Excellent Value with Professional Instructors”

Reviewed September 14, 2010

I loved studying Spanish at this school and wished I could have spent more time there. As a teacher, I was very impressed with their teaching staff. They clearly loved their work and made studying enjoyable. I’ve taken language classes before, French and Spanish, and this is one of the best approaches to teaching a second language that I’ve experienced.
Also, I’ve been studying salsa dancing for years and one of the extras the school provided was a salsa lesson. I couldn’t believe how challenging it was! I would return just for more salsa classes!

Ottawa, Canada

Below these reviews are translated from English to Spanish with an automated treanslation system so are not so accurate.

Traducido en español por un servicio de traducción en linea :


Hace Comentado 5 días NUEVO
Actualmente estoy en mi tercera semana de clases de español en esta escuela. He disfrutado muchísimo de la experiencia! La instrucción es muy flexible y los maestros están dispuestos a dar cabida a lo que sus necesidades son. Todo el mundo que trabaja allí te hace sentir muy bienvenido. Para mí es una experiencia muy, muy divertido, y espero poder asistir cada día. En medio de las lecciones que a menudo terminan riendo histéricamente acerca de algo o de otra. Es maravilloso ser capaz de aprender una lengua extranjera, la cultura de los diferentes profesores (ya que muchos son de otros países, además de Panamá), y crea buenos amigos todos al mismo tiempo. ¡Me encanta!
5 comentarios
Federal Way
“Esta escuela de idiomas mejorará su Panamá Stay”
Comentado hace 1 semana
Hice planes de última hora para ir a Panamá y quería tomar algunas clases de español. La escuela trabajó conmigo y mis planes. Mi avión llegó tarde a clases por la mañana, que me dio una clase de la tarde. Navidad fue en uno de los días, me programaron una clase extra por la tarde. No me di cuenta de la excursión fue el fin de semana, me programaron una excursión por la tarde. Los profesores eran excelentes y la ubicación de fácil acceso. Las habitaciones eran cómodas y todo el mundo era muy agradable. Te va a gustar esta experiencia escolar. Me gustaría haber estudiado más tiempo. Muchos restaurantes estaban cerca al igual que el metro y autobús salida. Yo era capaz de caminar de mi hotel.


Conozco a una buena escuela y este es uno! ”
Hace una opinión el 2 semanas
Un profesor y académico, estoy muy claro lo que quiero cuando se trata de aprender. Y así que tuve que escribir esta crítica para reconocer esta excelente escuela. Mi experiencia fue posible gracias a los profesores, Jaime y Danae.

En un principio, se me asignó un maestro que era excelente, con la gramática, pero su estilo no era lo que yo estaba esperando a. Levanté esto con el director, José, y él era el entendimiento y servicial. Hizo hincapié en que el programa tuvo diferentes profesores que utilizan diferentes métodos de enseñanza y me ofreció las opciones de continuar mi estudio privado con otros dos profesores. (No me gusta estudiar en grupos, y por lo que pagué por clases privadas)

Durante toda mi estancia en la escuela, José, el personal de la oficina y los administradores tenían frecuentes conversaciones conmigo y trataron de hacerme cómodo. Todo el equipo de allí era increíble! Pero mis personas favoritas eran Jaime y Danae. Estos maestros ciertamente representaron el tipo de estructura de aprendizaje que estaba deseando. Es decir, ellos fueron muy claros acerca de cómo las clases iban a seguir adelante, y lo que deben esperar. Igualmente, se les abrieron a oír lo que los temas que tenía que enfocar. Sus metodologías de enseñanza estaban llenos de energía. Y compartimos la misma pasión por la historia, la cultura, las artes y los idiomas. Francamente, me dieron la confianza que necesitaba para creer que podía aprender esta lengua si me siento cómodo y hago el trabajo.

En la primera clase, por ejemplo, Jaime y yo hablamos de la historia de Panamá. Estructura de las enseñanzas de Jaime me introdujo en el aprendizaje de idiomas, centrándose en la conversación y temas que me apasiona. Mientras mi gramática española está lejos de ser perfecto, Jaime, no obstante me hizo sentir como si estuviera haciendo sentido. De hecho, él me corrigió mucho, pero fue hecho en la moderación que me recordó a seguir aprendiendo mientras me daba confianza. Además, se llevó a cabo toda la discusión en español. Ahora me siento tan conmovido por la historia de Panamá que ya he empezado a leer un libro que él recomienda.

En lo que respecta a Danae, en un momento que ella y yo visitamos el Casco Viejo. Esa fue una parte de sus actividades al aire libre de estilo de enseñanza que faciliten la inmersión lingüística. Me presentaron a arquitecturas históricas y detalles importantes acerca de la cultura hispana. Hubo momentos en que nos detuvimos en la calle discutiendo la gramática española, y se sentía de una manera tan natural para aprender español. Me gustó mucho su estilo de enseñanza, que yo no había previsto. Es decir, su estructura hace hincapié en el aprendizaje y la formación española por inmersión de adquisición de la gramática, comprensión y habilidades de conversación mediante la participación de los procesos variados, que imitan las interacciones humanas normales.

Incluso visitamos un museo, y la oí hablar con el director de museo en su ritmo de habla normal. Todo esto se hizo en español. Yo entendí todo. Leemos la literatura española juntos, y yo entendimos todo a excepción de una sola palabra, “orgullosamente”. Y dos personas que conocimos en el camino me dijeron que mi español era bueno para estar en Panamá por sólo 6 semanas.

Así que sin dudarlo, recomiendo esta escuela, pero ser muy claro desde el principio acerca de cómo se aprende, para que puedan hacer recomendaciones eficaces que se adapten a su estilo. Ahora sé que las grandes preguntas que muchos de ustedes están pidiendo: ¿quieres adquirir fluidez en español después de tomar las clases. La respuesta es, depende. No estoy con fluidez, porque yo no estudié lo suficiente. Yo sólo hablaba español y leo español cuando estaba en la escuela, porque estaba ocupado haciendo otras cosas. Pero creo profundamente que si yo había estudiado, me he convertido en fluidez. Así que todo depende de ti

Dad me

Clases de español ”
Opinión 15 de octubre 2015 mediante dispositivo móvil
¡Amo este lugar! Como alguien que enseña Inglés para hablantes de español, me gustó mucho sus métodos de enseñanza. Clases pequeñas, mismos maestros enérgicos y bien informado.
Aprendí mucho sobre América Central y del Sur desde nuestras conversaciones y en otros países. No sé si el aprendizaje de idiomas es cada vez “diversión”, pero obtendrá un excelente retorno de su inversión!
Tengo pensado volver en la primavera para tomar cursos más avanzados.
El personal era muy atento y servicial. Se las han arreglado para crear un ambiente único y positivo.
No tengo ninguna queja; para mí, esto es realmente algo!


Precios justos y buena calidad ”
Opinión 05 de agosto 2015
Tuvo una breve pero agradable oportunidad de estudiar aquí. Creo que los precios son razonables y la calidad sólida: Tengo tanto una buena instrucción y buenos consejos sobre la manera de mejorar mi capacidad lingüística (intermedio) español, que no fue fácil, ya que tuvieron que adaptarse a lo que hice y no ya saben . Yo (y mayo!) Vienen aquí de nuevo


La mejor experiencia de aprendizaje “.
Opinión 18 de junio 2015
Asistí SpanishPanama para un curso intensivo de 4 semanas. Debo decir que fue la mejor experiencia de aprendizaje. Después de tomar español en HS y algunos en la universidad yo todavía no sabía cómo comunicarse. Este programa me ayudó mucho y deja que te diga que es intensivo en verdad. Yo había sin duda hacerlo de nuevo y / o más.
Me siento muy confiado al hablar ahora, es increíble lo mucho que me puedo comunicar ahora en comparación con hace cuatro semanas. Me motiva a seguir adelante y perfeccionar mis habilidades para finalmente llegar a la fluidez. Muy recomendable.

Valeriya B

Sueño de un principiante ”
Opinión 23 de julio 2015
Aprender un idioma es difícil … o al menos lo es para mí. Pero yo estaba comprometido con una sentada casa mes y viajar en Panamá y Costa Rica por 3 meses, y me pareció una buena inversión para tomar primero un programa de inmersión. Fue una buena decisión, porque sabía cero español y fue un verdadero principiante.

Descubrí español Panamá línea y registrada para un programa intensivo de dos semanas que se reunió 4 horas al día. Me quedé encantado con la calidad de la enseñanza, la atención individual, y el programa en general. Fue relajado y divertido, sino también profesional. Yo tenía tres excelentes profesores: Brigida, Isis Melba, y Gabriella, y se complementaban entre sí. Ellos fueron alentadores y paciente con un verdadero principiante, y ganaron la confianza de tomar lo que he aprendido en el aula a la calle.

La instrucción enfatizó pronunciación, tiempos, artículos y verbos, pero siempre se aplica con la intención de utilizarlos en el discurso. Aunque he dejado el programa, estoy viajando a lo largo de Panamá y Costa Rica y continúo ampliar mi vocabulario y expresión oral, en referencia a mi manual de clase cuando sea necesario.

Muy recomendable.
Trip Advisor miembro

“La mejor experiencia de aprendizaje.”
Opinión 18 de junio 2015
Asistí SpanishPanama para un curso intensivo de 4 semanas. Debo decir que fue la mejor experiencia de aprendizaje. Después de tomar español en HS y algunos en la universidad yo todavía no sabía cómo comunicarse. Este programa me ayudó mucho y deja que te diga que es intensivo en verdad. Yo había sin duda hacerlo de nuevo y / o más.
Me siento muy confiado al hablar ahora, es increíble lo mucho que me puedo comunicar ahora en comparación con hace cuatro semanas. Me motiva a seguir adelante y perfeccionar mis habilidades para finalmente llegar a la fluidez. Muy recomendable.

Caen, Francia

Español Panamá – Excelente ”
Opinión 15 de junio 2015
Yo estaba sumamente impresionado con el ambiente amable y familiar método de enseñanza. Me sentí como en casa, grandes sonrisas y muchos saludos simpático, de personal y estudiantes por igual. Mi profesor era muy profesional y bien versado. Yo recomiendo a cualquiera que quiera una escuela de primera clase a unirse a ellos para una buena conversación.
Sur de la Florida, la Florida

“Estudiante Muy satisfecho”
Opinión 27 de mayo 2015
Estoy muy satisfecho con mi curso de español Panamá. Yo ya estoy visitando el curso dos meses y medio y mis habilidades españolas han mejorado significativamente – por no hablar en absoluto para ser capaz de tener una conversación fluida con los nativos. Los profesores son siempre amable y sonriente y, en general, hay un ambiente muy positivo. Me gusta la forma en español se enseña allí y me resulta muy práctico para el día a día la vida. Recomiendo totalmente para todos los que quieran aprender español de manera efectiva
“Aprender español o Inglés este lugar tiene algo especial.”
Opinión 31 de marzo 2015
Es un lugar para aprender español o Inglés, que te enseñan en unas horas este tipo de supervivencia española, cómo moverse por la ciudad, la forma de interactuar con la población local, lo que realmente me gusta de este lugar es la pausa para el café, profesores de Chile , Colombia, Panamá, EE.UU., Canadá, y así sucesivamente, los estudiantes de diferentes países, colores, culturas … Creo que cuando usted comparte con tanta gente diferente de empezar no sólo el aprendizaje de un idioma, sino también aprender sobre la gente!
Carlos Linero,
Bogota Colombia

Buena experiencia y aprendí mucho! ”
Opinión 10 de marzo 2015
Tuvimos una buena experiencia con las lecciones de esta escuela española. Hicimos un curso de 50 horas, que se recomienda cuando usted realmente desea aprender algo. Teníamos un profesor principal, que era bueno, paciente y claro. A veces teníamos otros profesores, así, lo que era bueno para la variación. Las instalaciones no son muy nuevo y moderno, pero lo suficientemente bueno para las lecciones. Asegúrese de que al iniciar un curso, usted sabe lo que quiere lograr y ponerse de acuerdo sobre cómo desea estructurar sus clases y la carga de trabajo que desea tener

Jasper W
ciudad de Panama
Gran experiencia”
Opinión 02 de marzo 2015
Tuve una gran experiencia y oportunidad de mejorar mi español mientras tomando cursos en español de Panamá. Mi maestro, Danae, fue el mejor profesor español que podría haber tenido y otro profesor Giselle también. Danae era muy amable, abierto a la conversación, profesional y ella entendía cómo enseñar a mí mismo, así como otros estudiantes en diferentes niveles.

Gestión española Panamá también es muy bueno. Ellos me permiten la flexibilidad de elegir mi horario y hacer cambios cuando es necesario. También me permitió tomar clases con mis profesores preferidos. Todo era muy profesional y asequible. Recomendé español Panamá a tres de mis amigos que me unieron en Panamá, y no me arrepiento!


Excelente escuela ”
Opinión 20 de febrero 2015
He sido satisfechos en todos los frentes. El personal y los maestros han sido amables. La ubicación es conveniente. Las instalaciones y los métodos son geniales. Todo alrededor de una gran experiencia

Atlanta, Georgia

Opinión 18 de febrero 2015
Mi experiencia en la Escuela Panamá española fue excelente! Yo recomendaría esta escuela para cualquier persona que vive en Panamá o simplemente visitar. Tienen opciones disponibles para todos los niveles de español y se puede estudiar con un grupo de estudiantes o uno-a-uno con un profesor. El personal es profesional, amable y muy servicial. Estudiar aquí mejoraron significativamente mis conocimientos de español. La escuela también se encuentra en Via Argentina que es una gran calle para pasear. Hay muchas tiendas, cafés y restaurantes. Sin duda, si quieres estudiar español en Panamá, este es el lugar!


Altamente recomendado”

Mi tiempo en español Panamá fue fabuloso. Las clases son de alta calidad y los profesores son muy buenos. La ubicación es muy práctico, ya que la escuela está en un gran barrio, cerca de muchos restaurantes y hoteles. Excelente relación calidad-precio. Altamente recomendado.

Becky L
Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá

Buena escuela excelente ubicación ”
Opinión 03 de marzo 2013
Buena escuela, se obtiene lo que puso en él,
Sólo tomé 3 clases para ver si me gustaría,
Recomendaría Clara de España mantuvo clase interesante y vio lo que tenía que trabajar.
Escuela se encuentra en gran parte de la ciudad. Yo recomendaría tomar una clase o dos antes de comprometerse y asegúrese de que usted se empareja con un instructor que te gusta y puedes aprender de los más clases se toma el más barato el precio. Tienen precios para grupos muy asequibles también.
Pete S
Nueva York

Hola mi maestra! ”
Opinión 08 de diciembre 2012
Creo que dije hola maestro. Pasamos 4 o 5 horas con uno en una instrucción. Amable y divertido, y conversacional, bien vale la pena el tiempo. Ayudó a mi confianza. Tendrá más lecciones cuando vuelva.
Ron E

“¡El mejor!”
Opinión 30 de noviembre 2012
Aunque la escuela es un poco difícil de encontrar, vale la pena el esfuerzo. Es un precio muy razonable y muy flexible. Puede attned como muchos (o pocos) días como usted quiere y tiene lecciones para entre 2 a 4 horas por día. Las clases son muy pequeñas (como máximo 4 estudiantes por maestro). También tienen programas de inmersión donde se puede vivir con una familia de habla española, aunque no tomé esa opción.

Basilea, Suiza

Nos gustó nuestros maestros ”
Opinión 14 de septiembre 2012
Mi madre, marido, dos hijos y yo estábamos en la ciudad de Panamá por dos semanas. Nos inscribimos para la tutoría de dos horas en español Panamá para la época. Los adultos cada uno tenía su propio tutor de uno-a-uno (estábamos en muy diferentes niveles de español) y mis hijos estaban juntos con otro tutor. Todos nosotros nos gustó nuestros maestros y espera que nuestras clases. Maestro de los niños tenía muchas actividades que disfrutaban. A veces teníamos la tarea, aunque la mayoría de los días no lo hicimos. (A excepción de mi madre, que parecía tener un montón de tareas cada día -. Pero ella era un estudiante motivado, también) Los maestros fueron tiza lleno de información sobre qué restaurantes para ir a, ¿qué lugares para ver, cuando para ver ellos, cuando evitarlos, etc. El personal era muy amable, y estábamos tristes de dejar la escuela cuando nuestros dos semanas aumentaron.

La escuela se encuentra en el barrio de El Cangrejo, y siempre disfrutamos de nuestro almuerzo en diferentes restaurantes que estaban a poca distancia. El Cangrejo fue algo de una ubicación céntrica en la ciudad, así que era un buen punto de partida-off para nuestras excursiones por la tarde.

Wilmington, Delaware

La buena instrucción al precio justo ”
Opinión 02 de junio 2011
WOW Yo estaba allí al mismo tiempo y me quedé impresionado por la forma en que el personal se ocupó profesionalmente con el asunto …. mis lecciones continuaron y hubo casi ninguna interrupción a pesar de que una extraña tormenta había causado las paredes del depósito principal de la ciudad romper. Niza enviro … amistosas (atractivos) profesores. Haga lo nuevo -95,00 ecotour!

Los Angeles, California

Hizo que el viaje completo ”
Opinión 06 de abril 2011
Me parecieron muy atento y con experiencia. Como un novato mis habilidades españolas mejoraron enormemente con sus instrucciones intensas.

Además, con sus excursiones extracurriculares, gané una comprensión más profunda de Panamá de lo que jamás habría ganado en calidad de turista

“Corso uno a uno”

La esperienza mia con “Español Panamá” è stata molto divertente e istruttiva. Yo professori sono competenti e quindi nell’arco di una lezione il confronto è molto interessante e soddisfacente. Per i madrelingua italiana devo precisare che questa scuola parte da ONU punto di vista di madrelingua inglese quindi è necessario prueba il tarifa iniziale in modo che sia chiaro ai professori cuali difficoltà reali ONU italiano può Incontrare e sarebbe utile sapere pò d’inglese
Treia, Italia

Spanish Panama clases de español son nuestra actividad favorita en la ciudad de Panamá ”
Opinión 26 de febrero 2011
La escuela española Español Panamá era una parada inteligente! Mientras viajaba en América Latina nos fuimos a varias diferentes escuelas españolas. Honestamente No podemos recoger un país favorito, pero el profesional mejor calidad de la instrucción y el personal español fueron encontrados en español Panamá en Vía Argentina en la Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá. La diversidad de instructores cualificados hizo una experiencia española completa cada una añadiendo algo a nuestra formación en idiomas. Sólo lamento no haber llegado a Panamá por primera vez como esto habría hecho el resto de nuestros viajes mucho más fácil, la comunicación con los lugareños, moverse, etc.
Un consejo: si te alojas en la ciudad de Panamá pregunte en la escuela por sus casas de huéspedes socios o suites de eficiencia en su barrio de El Cangrejo como de aquí todo lo que necesita es de fácil acceso a pie. Al tomar clases de llegar allí el lunes por su acogida paseo por la zona.

Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá

“Excelente relación calidad con instructores profesionales”
Opinión 14 de septiembre 2010
Me encantaba estudiar español en esta escuela y ojalá me podría haber pasado más tiempo allí. Como maestro, yo estaba muy impresionado con su personal docente. Amaban claramente su trabajo e hicieron estudiar agradable. He tomado clases de idiomas antes, francés y español, y este es uno de los mejores enfoques para la enseñanza de una segunda lengua que yo he experimentado.
Además, he estado estudiando el baile de salsa durante años y uno de los extras de la escuela presentó fue una lección de salsa. No podía creer lo difícil que era! Volvería sólo por más clases de salsa!

Ottawa, Canadá

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