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Spanish Panama: Spanish courses in Panama for the entire family vacation

Spanish Panama: Spanish courses in Panama for the entire family vacation

We really liked the staff, they were all friendly and nice. The teachers were always punctual and polite. The staff was super helpful if we wanted to plan an excursion or had questions about anything.

Accommodations were perfect for our family. Thank you Joseph for your advice! The apartment was VERY close to the school, which made walking with our daughters very easy each morning. It was close to many conveniences, including restaurants, laundry services, pharmacies, and grocery stores. It had air conditioning and was very clean. A person cleaned the room every other day which was such a nice surprise, and with two kids, so helpful! There is a shared kitchen upstairs that worked great for us as well. We met so many other interesting people from all over the world who also lived in our building. They were super friendly and had helpful advice about places to go and things to do in Panama.

What I read about the school online was almost always positive feedback.

Thank you for a great experience!

-Elizabeth (children’s Mom)

All the teachers were intelligent and interesting, and two helped me in particular with respect to improving my Spanish and reinforcing key concepts: Giselle and Jaime. The two have different styles, both effective for me.

I truly appreciated Giselle’s attention to detail and willingness to rigorously correct each and every error to help me improve. This forced me to slow down and gave us a chance to review key concepts. While we only worked together for one two-hour session, it was one of the most powerful for me.

Jaime brings a tremendous amount of energy and focus to each class. He truly pays attention, like Giselle, and speaks in a way that makes it easy to understand and communicate effectively. He “slows down” and clarifies ideas and stories and gives students like me a chance to understand more sooner and faster. He used examples that helped me better understand concepts like the subjunctive, and we discussed a wide range of issues to practice conversation.

Also, we wanted to thank Gabrielle and the entire staff for their attention to and support of Dani and Ellery.



Spanish Panama family vacation in Panama

Spanish Panama family vacation in Panama


Spanish courses for family vacations (private or group classes)

Good idea for the fun family vacation in Panama City: family learns Spanish



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