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A relaxing and welcoming school to learn Spanish!

A relaxing and welcoming school to learn Spanish!

The Spanish Panama School , Panama City

My husband and I are in Panama for 4 months and our Spanish is very basic. We did some research and found The Spanish Panama School would meet our needs in price and timing. Victoria was our patient and enthusiastic instructor. The moment you walk in the door you are gently encouraged to speak Spanish. She guided us through the basics but did not bog us down with grammar until we were ready and the grammatical rules were essential. The personal classes are geared to travelers. We reviewed the Panamanian map to assist with pronunciation of Provinces, cities and villages.

We were enrolled in 2 hour blocks of instruction, so we did not have brain overload. We would practice in the evenings ourselves and with others. Panamanians are patient!

Joseph, the owner, is a unique character and has many unique travel stories to share. He is a fellow Canadian!

We will definitely return for additional classes when we are back in the city. I recommend Spanish Panama School!

Michelle Knaut
Kelowna, British Columbia

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