Spanish Classes in Panama

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Spanish Classes in Panama

Learn Spanish in Central America at the best Spanish school in Panama City, Republic of Panama (Via Argentina, El Cangrejo).

SpanishPanama is a Canadian-Panamanian directed Spanish language school in Panama City, Panama, famous for its professional, dynamic and well-educated teachers who utilize superior teaching techniques and deliver a diversity of customized Spanish courses for a range of needs.

SpanishPanama is the most experienced school in Panama with a 13 year history teaching Spanish to foreigners from 100+ countries.

At SpanishPanama you can find:

•             A highly qualified team of certified teachers to help you learn Spanish, or improve your existing Spanish level

•             The best prices on the market

•             Panama City tours of all the most important “things to see” in Panama including the beach, jungle, Panama Canal, the colonial city (Casco Viejo), Gamboa, indigenous life, and much more

•             Information about the Panamanian culture and the local customs

•             Information on Panama City nightlife and international culinary delights

•             SpanishPanama Spanish school is located in the heart of the best neighborhood in Panama City: on Via Argentina, El Cangrejo

•             Information on a wide range of accommodation types – Panama hotels, homestays, B&B’s, and hostels

•             Salsa dance classes

•             New friends…

Our Latin American teaching staff will provide you with knowledge of the local culture, and of course, teach you Spanish language skills that you can immediately apply to the “real world”.  At SpanishPanama it is about both learning a new language, and opening your eyes and heart to a completely new world.

Do you want something more specialized?

We offer customized Spanish classes for business, corporations, banking, health care professionals and more at our Spanish school or your business office or home.

Are you ready to learn Spanish in Central America? Then don’t wait!  Enroll in one of our Spanish classes today, and start your learning experience with SpanishPanama!

Email, call, or come in to visit us, and you will be well on the road to speaking fluent Spanish.


  • New Spanish school review – Helen

    Thank you, Helen Gundlach, for your Spanish school review of our SpanishPanama course in Panama City (El Cangrejo): I took a two-week Intensive Program this summer and was thrilled with the quality of teaching, individual attention,and overall program. It was relaxed and fun but also professional. I had three excellent teachers: Brigida, Isis Melba, and Gabriella, and they complemented […]

  • I planned to write my feedback on tripadvisor but I would like to say some words here too:

        Dear Veronica, Joseph, Teacer Nicasio and all Spanish Panama team, I planned to write my feedback on tripadvisor but I would like to say some words here too: 5 months ago I moved to live in Panama, I was full of concerns and confused about what is going on and the local culture, […]

  • Panama: From a Canadian learning Spanish in the city

    I was there in January for a 4 week period, in class 4 hours/day plus some extra one-on-one.  Although I have studied Spanish on Rosetta Stone, this was my first classroom experience.  I am 59, a retired professional, and while working took some French language training (I live in Ottawa, Canada, officially a bilingual city).  Here are my observations: […]

  • En Panama cursos de español, inglés y portugués

    Para mi estudiar en Spanish Panama, fue una de mis mejores experiencias y uno de mis sacrificios mas fructíferos. El método de enseñanza de la profesora Irene es un excelente método. Fue de gran utilidad al momento de la escritura en el examen Celpe Bras. Me atrevo a recomendar esta escuela a cualquier persona que […]

  • American Spanish teacher improves Spanish speaking skills at SpanishPanama

    My name is Marylin, (26 yrs old) and I am at Spanish teacher in Texas. (Joseph from SpanishPanama forwarded me your email for good reason because we are about the same age and I’ve recently been in your shoes, full of questions about what to expect from SpanishPanama). Although I’m a Spanish teacher, I am […]

  • Als je in de stad Spaans wilt leren, is dit DE plek!!!

    “Spanish Panama is een ontzettende leuke plek om Spaans te leren, niet alleen vanwege de zeer professionele leraren, maar ook omdat ze allemaal geïnteresseerd zijn in iedereen die ze ontmoeten en omdat ze allemaal de “onlogische factoren” in de taal goed in het Engels kunnen toelichten. Daarnaast ontmoet je ook andere leerlingen in de gezamenlijke […]

  • Beautiful memories from our past Spanish student of 2008

    Thanks for the email reminding me…bringing back fond memories of your loving and friendly selves in such a warm and nurturing environment. I’m only 2 1/2 years from retirement and then you’ll see me back…if not before then. I miss you all so much. Hugs and kisses to my favorite teachers. Love from Jeri Apker […]

  • Warmly (Spanish student) from Glasgow UK,

    Great to hear from you I so enjoyed learning with you in 2010, you’re a great school with a fab vibe and will defo remember your services for the future when recommending to friends. Warmly from Glasgow UK, Shinade Jayne Gribben ~

  • About Spanish Panama: The Panama Spanish school:

    About Spanish Panama: The Panama Spanish school: As strange as it may seem I am not a winter-loving type and in the beginning was a thought of avoiding the hostile European winter. To travel trough Central America and improve my Spanish occurred to me during one sleepless rainy night. After doing a bit of research […]

  • One was one of the nicest persons i ever met in my life.

    I had three teachers at Spanish Panama in a two week period. One was one of the nicest persons i ever met in my life. The other spoke at least 5 languages and know everything about the art and political scene. The third was kind of strict but that was needed with me. ALL good […]

Featured Spanish Class

Learn Spanish – intensive program with Panama tours and extras…

Learn Spanish- intensive program with Panama tours and extras… One of our most popular Spanish  immersion programs in Panama City consists of doing an Intensive Spanish course from Monday to Thursday (4 hours a day). This can be taken as “1 to 1” classes or small group Spanish classes. With either one of these Spanish courses […]

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Facebook comments from SpanishPanama students 700+

Facebook comments from SpanishPanama students 700+ New on our Facebook page. We just posted almost 700 commentaries from our past students, all were hand-written, prior to our online reviews. It may seem old-fashioned but there is something sincere and genuine in hand written comments. With a 14 year history we are one of the most reviewed Spanish […]

Indian Spanish students open restaurant near SpanishPanama school

          Indian Spanish students open restaurant near SpanishPanama Spanish school Avatar and Sanjay are Spanish students at Spanishpanama on Via Argentina. They moved from India and then to Canada. Now they live in Panama and come to SpanishPanama. They just opened a new Indian food restaurant called “Avatar Indian Cuisine” just two blocks down from […]

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