Spanish Classes in Panama

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Spanish Classes in Panama

Learn Spanish in Central America at the Best Spanish School in Panama

Spanish Panama is a Canadian directed Spanish language school and is famed for its diversity of Spanish lessons in Panama. We offer:

  • Highly qualified team of professional teachers
  • Prices to suit every pocket
  • Panamanian cultural activities
  • Eco Adventures
  • Panama nightlife and international culinary delights.
  • A Wide range of accommodation types


Our Latin American teaching staff will provide you with “real world” Spanish language skills allowing you to communicate freely to fit in with Panamanian and Latin culture.

Inquire now about studying at the number one Spanish school in Central America. Don’t wait. Take one of our Spanish classes in Panama now, and start learning Spanish!

Spanish Panama is the premier Spanish school in Central America to learn conversational Spanish or to receive specialized Spanish classes in Panama for business, corporations, banking, or health care professionals.


Learn Spanish in Central America

Spanish Panama provides first-class instruction, service and support to our students. Each and every one of our Spanish classes are taught by experienced, certified Spanish teachers. Spanish Panama is also the major Spanish language provider for the Panama Canal expansion project employees, and is rated by Panama’s expats as

the premier Spanish language school to learn Spanish in Central America.
Are you ready to learn Spanish in Central America? Come visit us at our Spanish School in Panama City and you will be on the road to fluency.


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Featured Spanish Class

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