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Spanish Panama is the trading name of Joseph Ennis and Maria Carmen Ennis and as such is protected under the laws of normal customary use of Panama and worldwide

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The school was established in 2001 as Spanish Learning Center and we have been using the SpanishPanama name since April 2003

The use of the phrase “Spanish Panama” in other contexts is clearly grammatically incorrect and can only be seen as an attempt to exploit for free the work we have done to build the brand.

Be cautious as unethical businesses may use “Spanish Panama” as a way to trick google adwords and other search engines to sell a service which is of lower quality.

Marketing Logo Tucan 2018 1, Spanish Classes In Panama | Learn Spanish Abroad | Spanish Language Immersion Programs“Spanish Panama” is a trademark name, both logo-tucan and any variation of the name protected under international and Panama copyright law: Terms and Conditions
This language school is located on Via Argentina in Panama City. Spanish, English, and Portuguese courses are offered at the main school or at business offices in Panama City.


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