Spanish Panama Language School tiene cerca de 20 años de excelentes reseñas de los estudiantes, como lo puede ver en sitios web como: Google Reviews, Facebook, Trip Advisor, numerosos sitios de reseñas de escuelas de idiomas, de boca en boca y en nuestros propios libros de visitas.
En nuestro primer año como escuela de español en Panamá (2001) la mayoría de nuestros clientes vinieron a nosotros solo de boca en boca y ese es el mejor indicador del creciente éxito; que nuestros estudiantes de español nos recomendaran como el lugar para aprender español a sus amigos. Somos muy conocidos en la ciudad de Panamá tanto por los expatriados como por los locales.
Hay algo garantizado con esta excelente trayectoria; Spanish Panama Language School tiene constancia en la selección de profesores de alta calidad, como los que pronto experimentarás.


Los clientes confían en nosotros debido a una larga historia de testimonios de calidad.

Danna Nielsen

I went to Spanish Panama for one month to improve my Spanish for business purposes. The teachers here are wonderful! They are very patient with beginners and have a great program to introduce you to the language (I took the basic class). They help you to progress rapidly and naturally with a textbook and through conversation. You will be completely immersed into the language which was confusing at first because I did not understand a lot but in the end it is very helpful. Joseph was quick to respond to all of my questions during the early planning stages. They can also arrange an airport transfer, tour of Panama Canal and Salsa lessons! Muchos gracias to Victoria, Aliza and Maria for all of your patience and support throughout!!

Camila Ferraz

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my teachers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do not know how to thank you for the love of receiving me. Spanish school super recommend Spanish Panama, thank you for everything

Michael Field

Great bunch of people, had fun whilst learning Spanish at this school.

Atiya Jordan

Spanish Panama Language School has exceeded my expectations. I am visiting family in Panama for three months and it is my first time in the county. Joseph, the school’s Director, Carmen, the school’s Administrator, and Prof. Danae has welcomed me with open arms. The FLEX program has been so helpful in my personal life, communicating with my family and friends in Panama, traveling through the city, and even with my business professional needs. I am so elated that I chose this program. The program is specific to my needs and wants, and I can even choose my schedule so that I still have time to explore this beautiful country. I have recommended Spanish Panama already to a friend and she loves it! I recommend all programs, but definitely, the 50-hour flex program has worked wonders for me. I am more confident with my Spanish since I have been studying at Spanish Panama!

Hazen Gauthier

Excellent school and one of the best language teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. Highly recommended.


Peter Rizzo

Excellent teachers and staff. The place is convenient and they were very flexible with the time. I was traveling and had business so could not have a set schedule and they worked with me. In addition, They provided a translation service for one of my meetings. I will definitely recommend and resume my class when I come back to Panama

Andrea Quessep

Me llamo Andrea Quessep estaba tomando clases de inglés en Spanish Panamá, muchas gracias por todo, voy a estar siempre muy agradecida

My name is Andrea Quessep I was taking English classes in Spanish Panama, thank you very much for everything, I will always be very grateful.


Robin Mantez

Super accueil, professeur tres intéressant et cultive. Je recommande. Emplacement idéal.

Super home, very interesting teacher and cultivates. I recommend. Ideal location.

Ikaro Nobre

A escola muito boa e com bons professores.

A very good school with good teachers.


Signy Hemauer

Great nice teacher. Have learned a lot in a week already. And had a lot of fun.

Xiaorong Huang

Spanish panama 非常好,各个老师都很热情,非常有耐心,他们会根据学生的水平而制定适合的课程,还会组织户外活动,互相交流以提高语言水平,而且价格非常合适,我很喜欢这里!

Spanish Panama is very good. The teachers are very enthusiastic and very patient. They will develop suitable courses according to the level of the students. They will also organize outdoor activities, communicate with each other to improve the language level, and the price is very suitable. I like it very much!


Maisaa Elian

مدرسة جميلة ورائعة درست فيها اللغة الاسبانية والانجليزية الادراة والمعلومات متعاونين جدا موقعها ب via Argentina, Panama; Spanish Panama language School.

The beautiful and wonderful school where I studied Spanish and English administration and information very helpful location located via Argentina Panama Spanish Panama Language School.

Šarlota Berníková

Som velmi spokojna so..skolou.Su tu velmi prijemny,mily ucitelia.Prijemna priatelska atmosfera.

I am very satisfied so..skolou.Su here very pleasant, nice teachers. Pleasant friendly atmosphere.


Bastien Kœnig

Une bonne école, bien située, des cours intenses.

A good school, well located, intense courses.


Kevin Smith

I attended a week of immersion school at Spanish Panama and loved it. All of the teachers were very flexible with teaching styles and techniques. Very recommended to help you take it to the next level!

Judy Lancaster

If you want or need to learn Spanish in a no stress and friendly environment then this is the school to pick. I took the beginners course here and by the end of it I could speak enough to get my basic message across to anyone I had interactions with (I. E. Taxis, restaurants, Uber, aeroport travel, etc.). I was so much more confident just getting around in Panama it was a relief. The locals open up to you so much more when they see you trying, believe me they really appreciate it. I had a wonderful Teacher too and will definitely return for my next level of Spanish ! The course material was logical and really had me speaking the basics quickly. Everyone there was so friendly and professional I can’t say enough for them! You won’t be disappointed.

Cierra Warner

Best Spanish school in Panama. I highly recommend Spanish Panama for beginners to advanced Spanish speakers alike. The teachers are all fantastic, the owners are very accommodating and kind. I took one on one lessons and learned far more than I was expecting to. They offer many different course options depending on your Spanish level and budget.


Tamoya Christie

I had a great experience at Spanish Panama. The teachers were very engaging and encouraged me to speak without fear. The facility was conducive to learning with whiteboards, smart TVs with access to the internet, and AC. Books and other materials were provided as needed. My fluency in speaking definitely improved. I would definitely recommend Spanish Panama.

Marusca Beck

Excellent customer service! I have always been able to decide my class hours (private class) and even when my teacher was not available another teacher gave me a class. I have been able to decide the content of my class and my teacher prepared. I will go again.

Excelente atención al cliente! Siempre he podido decidir mis horas de clase (clase privada) e incluso cuando mi profesora no estaba disponible otra profesora me daba clase. He podido decidir el contenido de mi clase y mi profesora se preparo. Ire de nuevo.

Ethan Leduc

I very much enjoyed my time at this school and will return in the future. All of my teachers were excellent.



Great place to learn Spanish.

Teachers are very friendly and accommodating to the students’ needs. Teachers are enthusiastic and enjoyable which helped a lot to reduce much of the stress in learning a language. Great even for beginners as well.


Carla Tobler

Great place to learn Spanish. They supported me a lot, thanks to


Robin Massey

I love Spanish Panama Language School. I am finishing up my second week and I have learned so much. As an upper-intermediate learner, it is difficult to make big gains but I know my level of understanding and my ability to speak have improved. I want to acknowledge my teachers MARIA, ALIZAR and MELBA. They created a lesson plan and communicated with each other after each class. I also appreciate that the school is indoors and air-conditioned. I am so glad we decided to come here instead of Habla Ya. Joseph was responsive to our every question. I highly recommend this school and am thinking about returning again next year. ¡Muchísimas gracias, Spanish Panama!

Dr. Tamika London

Spanish Panama is wonderful!! The teachers are absolutely AWESOME in every way! They are not only fabulous teachers but also very friendly and engaging. The administrators are very organized and very personable. The school building is very nice, clean, and has numerous separate classrooms. I spent 6 hours each day for the past 2 weeks at Spanish Panama. I learned so much….never a wasted moment…. I can’t wait to do it again!!! Thank you Spanish Panama!!! See you again soon…


Samu Powell

I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the teachers and the director were kind and helped me a lot with my process of learning Spanish. I can only recommend it.

Tereza Jandová

I’ve had an amazing experience at Spanish Panama! I came to Panama for two weeks: I had Spanish lessons in the morning and I visited the city in the afternoon. Thanks to the classes, I feel now more confident in speaking Spanish. All the teachers and the staff were very kind and helpful and I’ve learned many things about the Panamanian culture and local Spanish expressions. I stayed in a host family that made me feel at home and made me practice my Spanish even more. I also had salsa classes, where I had the opportunity to learn new figures. I met people from all around the world and it was a pleasure to talk to them between the lessons.

I’ve had a great time here in Panama and I recommend Spanish Panama Language School to everyone wishing to learn Spanish!

Gaetane Van Goethem

Best Spanish school in Panama City. My professor prepared personal tailor-made classes. I went two times a week for 8 months in a row and was able to pass my Dele exam at the end. First, we started with vocabulary and grammar but moved soon to texts and books. A wonderful teacher with the kindest heart. Super environment and flexible schedule. Would recommend it to everyone!


Cole Clarke

Good Spanish school in the heart of Panama City, It was my second time taking classes here.

Sakhayaana Krivogornitsyna

Fantastic language school! Классы английского и испанского очень профессиональны и интересны!

Fantastic language school! Classes in English and Spanish are very professional and interesting!


Breana Puente

Spanish Panama has been wonderfully helpful in my language journey! I’ve been learning on my own for years, and in just a few months of group classes (2x per week), I am speaking in full sentences with a much stronger grasp of grammar and vocabulary. I even talk to people on the street now- in the full conversation! The school has become a powerful tool in my Spanish learning arsenal. I highly recommend it!

Arhan Chhabra

I have had a wonderful time at Spanish Panama language school so far and hope to continue. We are a family of three and are learning Spanish together. We are in Panama because my Father is working here and we have come from Singapore.

When we start at the International School of Panama(ISP) we will continue classes here.


Bill Bondurant

Very professionally operated Spanish language school. The instructors are all excellent in their teaching skills, energetic and fun. Highly recommended!

Gessica Sansone

The perfect place to learn Spanish and get in contact with other people. I took private classes because I had to bring my little daughter. My teacher and all people working at Spanish Panama are very nice and professional. The school offers max flexibility so that you can adapt classes to your personal needs. During classes, you will work with a workbook that is supplemented with other teaching materials according to your individual needs.

汤楠楠 (Nancy)


In the Spanish school environment, the teachers are very very professional, the principals are Panamanian and Canadian, there are English and Spanish classes here. I have studied a lot of progress for a while, I hope more friends come here to learn the language. Thank you. Thanks

W. A.

I really enjoyed taking this Spanish course. I needed a lot of help learning and speaking and this school definitely improved that. My professor was welcoming and amazing, as well as the entire staff. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning the Spanish language!

Adam Tratner

Highly recommend it for foreigners living in Panama City (particularly English speakers). The methodology is very effective, the staff is friendly, and the business is overall very accommodating. As a university lecturer, I was quite impressed by the quality of their teaching.


Dimitrios Theodossopoulos

This is a great language school! The teachers adapt their approach to your needs and make learning fun and exciting!

Hyun sup Choi

3개월간 여기서 배웠는데 선생님들 모두 친절하게 가르치시고 스페인어 몰라도 배우는데 문제가 없습니다. 스페니쉬 파나마는 한국인이 스페인어를 배우기 위해 적합 합니다. 그리고 여기서는 영어도 가르치고 있어서 영어 배우기에도 좋구요… 그리고 사무실이나 집으로 선생님들이 와서 가르치는 과정도 있으니 학원갈 시간 없으신 분들은 이걸 이용하셔도 좋을 것 같아요!

스페니쉬 파나마 강추 입니다!

I’ve been learning here for 3 months, and all of the teachers are kind and I have no problem learning Spanish even if I don’t know. Spanish Panama is suitable for Koreans to learn Spanish. And since I’m teaching English here, it’s great for learning English… And there’s a course where teachers come to the office or home to teach, so if you don’t have time to go to the academy, you might want to use this!

Spanish Panama is the best!

E. U.

Truly am enjoying the opportunity to practice Spanish in a small group setting. The environment is very relaxing and the classroom setting is comfortable. You will also have the opportunity to continue crafting your new language skills as students, along with seasoned instructors in many cases, gather during breaks for casual conversations in Spanish. Lastly, a huge plus is that the school is located in the heart of one of the most famous neighborhoods in PTY!


Jay Bond

I learned a ton at this school! Their scheduling and organization are really good. The owner is very friendly and helpful as is the staff, would highly recommend this school.

Melissa Mansfield

Spanish Panama Language School has been a wonderful tool for furthering my knowledge of the Spanish language. Our maestra Lupe has the patience of a saint. She is so clear in her dictation and will explain what she is saying in many different ways. We all have different ways of learning and she understands this and she has a wonderful sense of humor. The staff is super friendly and helpful. From the moment you walk into the door, everyone is so welcoming. I am very pleased with Spanish Panama and will continue my learning once the classes are complete.


I help run an international business and recently moved to Panama with literally zero Spanish language ability. I’m very glad to have stumbled over this organization. Super professional from start to finish and they’re able to teach both at their offices and at business locations around the city. They even teach English to native Spanish speakers.


Amber E.

We have taken classes in two different countries in Central America and have gotten a lot out of the classes here at Spanish Panama. The classes are very tailored to my specific needs. I am an intermediate-advanced student and I appreciate the focus on my needs. My group teacher Lupe is wonderful at understanding the needs out of our group and pushing us to the next level together. All the teachers and staff are kind and helpful. I highly recommend this school. We are here as American ex-pats pastoring a local church and appreciation the support in our Spanish learning.

Weiqi Luo

我觉得这个学校非常好 非常推荐大家来这里学习英语跟西班牙语。这间学校也有提供商业的英语跟西班牙语噢~ 老师都很专业 超级赞的~!!!!还有就是 这里的咖啡超级好喝~免费的噢

I think this school is very good. I highly recommend everyone to come here to learn English and Spanish. This school also offers business English and Spanish ~ The teachers are very professional and super~!!! There is also coffee here, super delicious ~ free.

John Humphreys

It is uniquely refreshing to find something that is much better than advertised. The Spanish Panama Language School is an absolute gem for individuals seeking to learn to speak the Spanish language. Joseph, Carmen’s and Helen’s customized training plan set me up with not one but two superb teachers. With skill and immense patience, Sarai and Gabi soon had me able to function at a level well enough and confident enough to have simple conversations with strangers, ask directions, purchase things and negotiate transportation services. Every Friday, another dynamic teacher; Marie led the all-level group conversation class were under a moderated format we the students from all over the globe solved the world’s problems; well perhaps not but, we did enjoy different perspectives discussed in Spanish and had a room full of laughs, usually at my gaffs. Whether you’re a student, businessperson, or tourist in Panama and are staying for days, weeks or months; I recommend the Spanish Panama school as the go-to place to learn and advance your ability to understand and speak Spanish. Tell them that John sent you.


I’m an advanced Spanish speaker working as a Spanish teacher in the state of Florida. I sought a program that would help to review and sharpen my advanced grammatical knowledge of Spanish, and a program that would tie that in with my desire to boost my conversational abilities. My two weeks at Spanish Panamá Language school did just that! The instructors, owners, staff, and fellow students were all amazing! The instructors were very helpful and showed profound knowledge about the Spanish language and the culture, and the history of Panamá and Central America. I look forward to going back soon!

C & A Lewis Casa Lajagua

Look no further this is the Spanish school you want to go to!!! I can’t say enough about this school. This is my second time in the city attending a Spanish course for two weeks. I was not overly happy with the last school I went to so I decided to try another one this trip. My teacher was incredible, all the staff at Spanish Panama were!!. I felt like I learned so much more in two hours per day than in my previous course where I went 4 hours per day. The school is very comfortable with spacious comfortably cooled rooms. They have endless coffee and water which made me very happy. The location is perfect as there are so many great restaurants / long term accommodations within walking distance of the school. I will be returning to the city again in a few months and plan on re-enrolling into the school for another week or so. Hope you have as much fun learning at Spanish Panama as I did!!


I decided to come to Panama for a vacation at short notice. I had fortunately started fooling around with Duolingo about a month before. I decided to take a week’s Spanish lessons to start out with and found Spanish Panama on google places. I’ve taken foreign language lessons before and always found them fairly painful and slow going. Combining Duolingo and Spanish Panama I felt I made more progress than I ever have before. While a week didn’t accomplish much substantive It did give me a great framework for what I need to prework before more lessons if I take them in the future. They also can cater to serious learners or vacationers looking to get some exposure. All the teachers were great.



경험이 많은 선생님에게 언어 뿐만 아니라 문화에 대해서도 배울 수 있어서 정말 좋습니다.

It is really good for experienced teachers to learn about language as well as culture.

Tia Blount

Prior to studying at Spanish Panama, I had very little experience with the Spanish language. The faculty customized a language learning plan that was specifically tailored to my goal of being conversational. Through conversational activities (little to no English allowed), grammar lessons, and practical exercises to complete both in and outside the classroom, I am better able to understand and describe events and experiences. I can also briefly communicate reasons and explanations for my opinions. I have reached an intermediate level of conversational fluency that makes regular interaction with native speakers possible.

In addition to having dynamic instructors, the administration is kind, professional, flexible, and extremely responsive. The school also provides a wonderful city tour and has a partnership with a local dance company that offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced salsa courses. My experience at Spanish Panama has been nothing short of AMAZING!

John Porter

I will preface my comments with the fact that I hardly ever write reviews …

I just finished 3 weeks of intensive study with Spanish Panama. I had not studied any Spanish since High School (that was 40 years ago for me) until a couple of years ago. Before Spanish Panama, I attended two other schools in two other countries.

Attending Spanish Panama was without a doubt the best learning experience I have had to date. I was exposed to four different instructors. They were very professional and had a genuine desire to help me along the way. I can’t say enough about these instructors. They were Awesome!

The owners Joseph and Carmen were very gracious and helpful (and available when I had questions). They run a quality show here!

The school is located in the El Cangrejo neighborhood in Panama City. It is a lively area with restaurants, outdoor pubs, and friendly locals. The subway stop is only a few blocks away.

I highly recommend Spanish Panama !

Ray Ancel

I have studied Spanish for three years now and consider myself an intermediate learner. I have also attended schools in Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Boquete, Panama. Spanishpanama has the most comfortable rooms to study and the best location with great restaurants and a metro station nearby. There are great resources at the school and a variety of talented teachers too.

Holland Shipyards

Spanish Panama is een professionele organizatie, met toegewijde medewerkers, die Spaanse lessen verzorgt op locatie of op haar eigen school. Door les te nemen bij native speakers, in een Spaans sprekende omgeving, is het mogelijk om snelle verbeteringen te maken in de kennis van de taal. De leraren zijn erg vriendelijk, en passen het lesmateriaal aan, naargelang de vorderingen van de individuele student. De school is erg goed bereikbaar voor informatie, en je krijgt vaak binnen een dag al respons.

Spanish Panama is a professional organization, with dedicated employees, that provides Spanish lessons on location or at its own school. By taking lessons with native speakers, in a Spanish speaking environment, it is possible to make rapid improvements in the knowledge of the language. The teachers are very friendly and adapt the teaching material according to the progress of the individual student. The school is very accessible for information, and you often receive a response within a day.

Luc Gosselin

Spanish Panama est une tres bonne ecole pour aprendre un autre langue comme espagnol et a tenir une conversasion plus efficase et constante c,est une eclole tres efficase s,a vaut la penne de consulter.

Spanish Panama is a very good school to learn another language like Spanish and to have a more efficient and constant conversation. It is a very efficient school, worth a visit.

Tom Atwood

This is the best Spanish school in Panama City. Great, convenient location. They have excellent teachers, which is what’s important. The owners, Joseph and Carmen, are the best and want the best for their students.


Jarrod Folino

Great. The teachers are very qualified and the curriculum is good.

They are flexible in terms of the different types of classes they offer.


Отличная школа испанского языка! В июне 2017го проходила здесь интенсивный курс в течение месяца и осталась довольна результатом – ежедневные занятия позволили разговориться и помогли ликвидировать пробелы в грамматике. Школа расположена в приятном районе, вокруг много кафе и ресторанов. Кроме того, легко добраться на общественном транспорте, т.к. рядом есть остановка автобуса и метро.

Great Spanish language school! In June 2017, I took an intensive course here for a month and was pleased with the result – daily classes allowed us to talk and helped fill in the gaps in grammar. The school is located in a pleasant area, there are many cafes and restaurants around. It is also easily accessible by public transport, as There is a bus and metro stop nearby.

Haley Winslow

After arriving in Panama it was evident that I needed to work on my Spanish speaking abilities. After visiting several different Spanish schools, I choose Spanish Panama because they were extremely responsive and willing to work with my schedule. I signed up for private lessons and began by taking three lessons a week at two hours per lesson. It was a great structure and after only several lessons I could tell that my Spanish classes were paying off. My teacher was extremely nice and helpful along with the office administration staff. I would highly recommend Spanish Panama. They are attentive, knowledgeable, kind, and always willing to help.

Souad F.


I recently became very interested in the Spanish language which I had a small exposure to it when I was young. I thought to myself that the best way to learn was to immerse myself and take an intensive program in a Spanish country. I decided on Panama as I have heard so many good things about this Central American country. After doing my extensive research, I decided on Spanish Panama School. It was the best decision I could have made. After 4 weeks of the intensive program, my Spanish language improved significantly. Now, I feel extremely comfortable communicating in Spanish, as well as writing and understanding native Spanish speakers. All the teachers I had were so knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, engaging, and enthusiastic. Even the other teachers that I encounter at the school had friendly attitudes. They took time to communicate with me in Spanish and correct me at the social gatherings during our breaks and lunchtime. I also enjoyed and learned a lot during our general class discussion with fellow students every Friday morning. We had very interesting debates and learning activities with students from other countries. The school itself is located in one of the most agreeable neighborhoods, close to many restaurants, bars, hotels, convenience stores, parks and subway station.

I would like to thanks everyone from the school especially the director Joseph, and the administrator Carmen. I would wholeheartedly recommend this school to anyone interested in learning Spanish in a fast and efficient manner.

Souad, Canada

Brian Jenkins

Excellent classes. I only had a week, but a week really did help with my listening and vocabulary skills.



Great Spanish school — well-run, wonderful teachers, great location, will improve your Spanish.


John Wachter

A very effective way to learn Spanish. I took 20 hours of one on one and really improved my speaking and listening. It is a dynamic program and goes beyond what a textbook will give you.


Jaime Toro

Exceptional language school. Superb location

Ian Cummins

I did 2 weeks of intensive group lessons at Spanish in Panama and it was the highlight of my trip to Panama City. All of my teachers were both experienced and warm, which meant classes were never boring. The School is nicely laid out with a beautiful open patio where you can drink coffee and chat with other students and teachers in the fresh air. It faces Via Argentina, one of the nicest streets in the City. Thanks to Joseph and the team for a great experience!

Scott E

Attending Spanish Panamá might have been the best decision I’ve ever made. If you want to learn Spanish, stop searching for options, and enroll here. It truly changed my life. In just a few weeks I learned more than I would have in a year, or perhaps more, in a university in the US. The teachers, staff, everyone involved with the school are incredible people. The homestay with a Panamanian family helped to accelerate my progress and I developed a close relationship with them. I met people from all over the world and enjoyed every minute at the school. I cannot say enough good things about my time there. The amount I learned in such a short period was astonishing. It was an amazing, unforgettable, life-changing experience, which is why I highly recommend Spanish Panamá.

Donald Wright

The best decision I made after moving to Panama was to enroll in classes at Spanish Panama. The course structure is excellent for beginners like me, as well as for those with some experience in speaking Spanish. In one month, I’m now able to read with comprehension, write effectively, and speak adequately which allows me to communicate with the local populous. The entire staff is very patient, supportive, and driven in their effort to assure you get the most out of your educational experience at Spanish Panama. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn Spanish contact Spanish Panama. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I’m certain it will be for those that choose Spanish Panama as their school of choice.

Marion Massiani

J’ai eu la chance d’atterrir chez Spanish Panama quand je suis arrivée à Panama : j’ai fait ce choix presque par hasard – l’école est idéalement située en plein coeur du centre ville – mais je ne l’ai pas regretté une minute !

I had the chance to land at Spanish Panama when I arrived in Panama: I made this choice almost by chance – the school is ideally located in the heart of downtown – but I have not regretted it one minute !

James Manley

Had a brief but nice study opportunity here. I think the prices are reasonable and the quality solid: I got both good instruction and good advice on how to improve my Spanish language ability. I would (and may!) come here again.


Daniel Hewitt

I have taken lessons at several schools in Panama. This is the one I like best. The teachers are very professional; the air-conditioning is appreciated. It is hot work thrashing around in another language. As a middle-aged learner, it takes real teaching skill to draw Spanish out of a frozen brain and make the words stick, and Urbana and SpanishPanama school have really helped me.

Omar Best

The Spanish Classes were great. Centrally located on Via Argentina in El Cangrejo.


Calvin Crisler

I have been satisfied on all fronts. The staff and teachers have been friendly. The location is convenient. The facility and methods are great too. All around a great experience. SpanishPanama will be recommended to anyone I can.

Tom Steinke

This is my go-to language school when in town. Terrific location. Great teachers. They rotate teachers so you get exposed to varying styles.