Spanish Panama Executive Spanish Courses

Spanish Panama Executive Spanish Classes are for those who need to learn Spanish for business or employment needs in Panama

Spanish Panama’s team of 16 highly trained and experienced Spanish teachers are ready to be sent to your business office to teach Spanish classes.


NOTE: Spanish Panama also sends qualified English teachers to teach English at companies throughout Panama City!

Spanish Panama Executive Spanish students register using our ENROLLMENT FORM  or email directly: Tel: (#507) 213-3121

This Spanish Panama Executive Spanish program is specially tailored for companies in Panama that have employees that need to improve their Spanish efficiency. Or the employers and usiness executives in Panama may be working in a Spanish speaking office and need to learn Spanish quickly, or need some help with Spanish translations when dealing with bankers, lawyers, and other businesses in Panama and abroad. 

Spanish Panama Executive Spanish classes can be taken at our school on Via Argentina, El Cangrejo, at your office, or even in your hotel or home in Panama City, Panama.

Spanish Panama Executive Spanish classes in Panama City Tel: 213-3121

Spanish Panama Executive Spanish classes in Panama City . This is in Punta Pacifica near Trump Towers. Spanish teachers and English teachers are available to arrive at business offices.

The most popular Business Spanish course is the 50 hour Flexible Course but you can also choose a program of 10 hours and up, with flexible scheduling to suit your needs.

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced, and are ready and willing to help you reach your learning goals.  They have assisted many professionals across Panama City, including those in the real estate, banking, shipping, Panama Canal expansion, and trading professions as well as business entrepeneurs and those working for established corporations in Panama.

We also have a SpanishPanama Executive English program :

Spanish Panama Executive English and Spanish courses: Our English and Spanish teacher professionals are qualified to teach all levels, beginner to advanced, English or Spanish, and to corporate heads as well as secretarial positions.


Spanish Panama Executive Spanish classes or English classes at our school on Vía Argentina or at your business office

Spanish Panama Executive Spanish classes in Panama City. Spanish Panama teaches both English classes and Spanish classes at business offices or at the school location on Vía Argentina. cursos de inglés en Panamá Spanish courses in Panama

Please register using our ENROLLMENT FORM Telephone:  (+507) 213-3121

Más información en español:

SpanishPanama y clases de inglés en su oficina:

If you have a free weekend while doing your SpanishPanama “Executive Spanish” program you may want to try our:

Spanish Panama Gamboa rainforest option

For some cultural activities on a weekend that you are here add an extra $120.00 for two days inlcuding a room somewhat like this in our Gamboa rainforest town a few blocks from the Panama Canal and railway. See here for more info
You may also ask about accommodation options that we may have in Panama City as well as Gamboa


Some of our past professional and Corporate clients: