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Taiwanese choose to learn Spanish in Panama City

I chose to go back to Panama for my short‐term study was due to the good impression of this city back in May 2012 while I was traveling there. The public security in Panama is pretty good within the central American countries and people there are very friendly and nice.

I’ve learned some Spanish back in school in Taiwan but I has a lack of practice. My work is basically export trading and English is mainly what I used everyday.

Plus we don’t have Spanish speaking environment in Taiwan. It’s hard to practice or learn more Spanish while I need to travel so much for work. It’s also hard to get a long‐term program to study Spanish in Taiwan since my travel schedule is tight. After this May, I started considering to pick up my Spanish again and decided to go back to
Panama, so what I found on Trip Advisor gave me a big interest of this institution” Spanish Panama”.

I started contacting Joseph who is the Director of the school and he gave me professional and instant response. Carmen also gave me efficient reply while I have any questions at the school.

The website has clear information and provides all I need so I chose this school in the end. From the free pick‐up service on the day one, every small thing like getting the cell phone SIM card, to everyday things, the school did a great help so I was very comfortable and feeling safe to stay and learn in the city. My program was intensive
classes which is 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. There is also free Salsa class and half‐day city tour. This is such a benefit for a freshman who knew nothing about Panama. I do also like the courses.

Since I’ve had some basic Spanish knowledge, we quickly reviewed Basic1 in the first few days and got into Basic2 very fast. My first‐two‐hour Professor Tsis is a Panamanian, and she is always very energetic. I learned fast because there
are many laughs and jokes within the class, and it helped me a lot to remember many vocabularies. She also took me to ” Plaza Cinco de Mayo” which is a Indian handicraft market. I used my limited Spanish to shop and bargain, which is very interesting, also to use what I learned in class to the real life; My second‐two‐hour Professor Gabby is a Panamanian‐British lady and her English is very good as well as her Spanish. The way she taught is also fun by repeating the same question everyday and practicing Spanish by singing until I remember! One day she took me to the supermarket and what I felt the most confused and interesting area is the Meat area.

In Panama there are more beef and chicken while pork is very common in Taiwan. Different portion of beef and chicken got me so confused so I wrote down whatever I can, of course Professor Gabby was very helpful to explain what I don’t know. That was a fun day!
It is a shame that I still have to work in Panama while studying, and the intensive classes is pretty heavy for me. Everyday after class I will finish my work and then try to study as much as I can. BUT, I have to say it’s all worthwhile!

In the following days I tried to take a taxi to where I want to go without problem and started getting into the local life. Two‐week course is actually short but I really hope if I have enough time and energy, I would love to go back to Spanish Panama to continue my Basic2 and move on to the next level!
Thanks for my professors, Joseph and Carmen, would love to see you soon again!
Stacy Wang

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